B2B SaaS Marketing Strategy: Systematic Processes and Tactics We’ve Used to Grow 100+ SaaS Companies

The individual issues that limit results for the B2B SaaS companies we work with vary widely.

For example, if it’s a search engine optimization (SEO) issue, companies experiencing similar outcomes can have entirely different things holding them back.

One might be experiencing technical issues like competing URLs. Another might be lacking comprehensiveness in their content. And another might simply need some link building to build authority.

The same goes with paid media. One company might be suffering from targeting and messaging issues. While another may have tracking and attribution errors. And yet another simply hasn’t found customer-channel fit.

However, while there are many individual errors and gaps that we help our clients solve, these are typically just symptoms of a deeper underlying problem. It’s the tendency for marketers to haphazardly string together a mix of outbound and inbound tactics, without intentionally syncing them together in a holistic strategy.

In short, their marketing is “tactics without strategy.” It’s like trying to navigate without a map. And it’s a sure fire way to hit a ceiling with your growth.

The Predictable Growth Methodology

This is what led us to develop the Predictable Growth Methodology — our SaaS marketing strategy for increasing recurring revenue for demo and trial based B2B companies.
The SaaS Predictable Growth Methodology

Instead of thinking of each tactic as their own individual effort, Predictable Growth helps SaaS marketers coordinate their tactics to ensure they’re working together — which helps them breach the growth ceilings they otherwise tend to run into.

It’s designed so that any B2B SaaS business, no matter what stage or state they are in, can systematically pinpoint their marketing problems and opportunities, and implement changes to grow revenue in a strategic way.

The 8 steps to Our Predictable Growth Methodology are:

  • Step 1: Evaluating Your MRR Accelerators (So You Know Exactly What to Optimize for Growth)
  • Step 2: Understanding Your Customer’s Intent and Pain Points
  • Step 3: Pinpointing Why Your Visitors Aren’t Converting
  • Step 4: Educating and Motivating Ideal Prospects
  • Step 5: Driving Right Fit Traffic through Paid and Organic Channels
  • Step 6: Building a Financial Model to Accelerate Growth
  • Step 7: Measuring Results, Generating Insights and Compounding Results
  • Step 8: Creating Your MRR Acceleration Roadmap (Assigning What Will Happen When, and Who Will Be Responsible for Results)

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