Our Origin Story

A note from our founder: Dev Basu

Dear friend,

This week I picked up a copy of Strategy Magazine. In it, I found agencies of various shapes and sizes, all nominated for an Agency of The Year award in the areas of creative, digital, media, and design excellence. Out of curiosity, I visited each of their websites and was shocked to see that these cutting-edge agencies only spoke about “them”.

I find that odd because when you’re in the business of helping other companies succeed with marketing and sales, wouldn’t it make more sense to talk about “you” — the client?

When I left an agency in 2009, I never thought I’d actually end up starting another one. I thought and still think that most agencies are Mad Men-esque outfits, billing you by the hour at exorbitant rates, cramming rooms full of interns and other people who don’t need to be there.

As our team at Powered by Search grew, I heard war stories from our incoming team — late hours, over-worked people, fudged models and projections, and presentations that were still being worked on minutes before the client walked into the office.

When the ‘go to market strategy’ is resting on is your last award, it’s not surprising that great talent still doesn’t produce the dream results, that you, the client seeks.

While working with Fortune 1000 and entrepreneurial companies since 2006, I noticed a trend — all our clients had talented people and abundant technology, but they lacked a system for being able to predictably and reliably generate results.

I figured that if we created a system that generated the right results every single time, talented people working with powerful technology could be integrated into a system that produces predictable growth.

That’s exactly what we’ve done at Powered by Search to help our clients win. We start by understanding you and your customer, pinpointing their fears, frustrations, wants and aspirations, and bring your message to millions.

So you’re probably wondering, is Powered by Search worth my time and attention? For many readers, the answer is NO.

Here are Are 3 Reasons Why

If You Don’t Advertise or Create Content, We Can’t Help You

If you don’t want to advertise, you’re not going to enjoy our stuff. There’s lots of content about the “latest loopholes to get free traffic” or “gaming the system with this one-little-known growth hack”.

Does some of it work? Probably. In the short term. But if you rely on that, you don’t have a sustainable business.

Does that mean SEO doesn’t work? Hell no. Today, it drives over $2.36 Billion in revenue for our clients.

We Don’t Sell Vanity, Eyeballs, Impressions or Hype

Viral marketing campaigns are great, but they have short lifespans, and attributing sales is difficult. Adding cute stickers to 15 seconds videos is fun, but it doesn’t build businesses. A great product marketed well does.

We Only Work With Long-Term Thinkers Who Have Great Products and Solutions

Look, if you want to become the brand that becomes the only choice for your ideal customers it takes hard work.

Our best clients are invested in the long-term success of their own businesses, and the long-term success of their customers.

Sure, you can hire us for a project and see an impact in 90 days or less, but if that’s all you’re looking for, we probably aren’t the right fit. Like compound interest, our clients see massive ROI (1000+% gains) by being open-minded, action takers who play the long game.

You’re still here? Great.

What You Can Expect From Us

  1. Practical solutions, strategies and tactics you can use in your digital marketing right now, for free…followed by
  2. Invitations to explore if and how we can help you achieve the results you want faster, by diagnosing symptoms and problems and removing the roadblocks that stand in the way of you getting to the next level.
  3. Objective insight on your situation, regardless of whether we work together or not.

How Do I Know If You’re Any Good?

The best way to know if you’ll like our perspective is to get some of our free materials.

If you like them, you’ll probably like working with us.

One of our core values is “being obsessed with serving others”, and the way we deliver on that in our content is to make sure we’re genuinely helping you before you ever talk to us.

Here’s Our First Pitch To You

Whenever you’re ready, here are 3 ways we can help you get more attention, more connection, and more conversion so that you can grow your business:

Get Your SaaS Scalability Score

We created this free self-assessment tool to help you identify exactly how your B2B SaaS company stacks up against your competitors in the market across 9 different revenue accelerators.

Get the Agency Evaluation Guide

Figuring out which digital marketing agency will be the best fit your company can be really difficult if you do not have a system for doing it.  That’s why we created a guide that helps you evaluate your current agency, and find a great new partner too.

Work with Us Privately

And if you ever want to get some 1:1 help, we can jump on the phone for a quick call, and brainstorm how to get you more leads, more sales, and more ROI.

Thanks for stopping by. You’re welcome back anytime.