Frequently Asked Questions

The Answer is Yes!

Instead of a frequently asked questions page, here’s a refreshing alternative inspired by our friends over at Basecamp.

The Basics [Yes!]

  • Does your team have experience working with other SaaS and Technology companies?
  • Do you have a proven system for scaling demos and trials?
  • Do you have case studies to prove that your consulting and marketing guidance helps your clients grow?
  • Do you have client testimonials and actual screenshots of performance improvement I can look at?
  • Do you have a set of codified core values?
  • Does your team have experience with SEO for SaaS, marketplaces, enterprise platforms, and app store optimization?
  • Does your team have in-depth experience with Paid Media including Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, and Account Based Marketing?
  • Does your team only hire experienced strategists, marketers, designers, developers, and copywriters?

Capabilities [Yes!]

  • Can Powered by Search workshop a specific and measurable digital marketing strategy for my company?
  • Can Powered by Search create a roadmap of key marketing initiatives
  • Can Powered by Search model a forecast for what I can expect in terms of ROI?
  • Can Powered by Search implement our SEO, Paid, and Content Marketing campaigns from start to finish?
  • Can Powered by Search track different types of goals important to my organization such as demo requests, lead forms, phone calls, and trial sign ups?
  • Can you help me create a B2B content strategy that gets more demos and trials?
  • Can you help us measure the ROI of content marketing?
  • Can you help identify which Paid Media channels are the most effective for our company?
  • Can your team help us ideate and design interactive content such as calculators, widgets, and infographics?

Interactions [Yes!]

  • Will I have direct access to a team of your consultants?
  • Will Powered by Search share proactive ideas, insights, impacts, and important initiatives that can help me grow my business?
  • Will Powered by Search a learn my business and it’s unique aspects before managing our digital marketing?
  • Will I receive reporting that measures the success of our marketing program?
  • Will we own our company’s accounts, campaigns, creative, and other analytics data?
  • Will we get transparent reporting that separates your management fees from the media/ad spend dollars we invest in different ad platforms?
  • Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to explore working together?
  • Will your consultants be able to work with us remotely?
  • Will your consultants be able to travel to our offices occasionally?
  • Will your team ask us for our input and feedback regularly?

Exploring Working Together [Yes!]

  • Will we own our company’s accounts, campaigns, creative, and other analytics data?
  • Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to explore working together?
  • Does Powered by Search turn away potential clients if there isn’t a fit?

For In-House Digital Marketing Managers [Yes!]

  • Can your team prove the ROI of digital marketing in our company so that my stakeholders and management team sees our value?
  • Can Powered by Search set me up for a compensation increase or annual bonus?

Day to Day Working Relationship [Yes!]

  • Can we have regular status calls on a weekly or bi-weekly basis?
  • Can Powered by Search work with my in-house team well?
    Can Powered by Search work in tandem with my other agencies?
  • Can I see everything I need to do on a single screen?
  • Can I see everything that’s overdue on a single screen?
  • Can I see all the work that was completed on any given week?
  • Can I see exactly who worked on what today? Yesterday? Last week?
  • Can I reference an entire conversation from a year ago?
  • Can I approve work before it goes out?
  • Can we export all our data any time we want?

Credibility — Do we have the right experience? [Yes!]

  • Is Powered by Search certified by Google, Bing, Hubspot, and Adobe?
  • Is Powered by Search been recognized for high growth by organizations such as Deloitte, Profit 500, Branham 300?
  • Is Powered by Search’s expertise been featured in publications such as the Globe & Mail, Financial Post, Toronto Star, and CTV?
  • Does Powered by Search contribute to digital marketing studies such as the Moz Ranking Factors, Local Search Ranking Factors, and BrightLocal studies?
  • Does Powered by Search’s team speak at industry conferences such as Search Engine Strategies, Search Marketing Expo, Traffic & Conversion, and others?
  • Is Powered by Search a certified Facebook Marketing Pro?
  • Is Powered by Search a Hubspot Gold Partner?
  • Is Powered by Search a Google Premier Partner?
  • Is Powered by Search a Bing Accredited Professional?
  • Is Powered by Search an Adobe Solutions Partner?