The B2B SaaS SEO Agency that drives $5 ARR for every $1 invested

Understand your customers’ pains and convert them into demos and trials with search-optimized content. Our pain point-focused SaaS SEO playbooks generate millions of dollars of pipeline for our B2B SaaS clients.

  • 25% increase in organic conversions
  • 36.36% increase in demo bookings from SEO
  • Hit target MQL goal 7 months early with organic search

Your marketing is in good hands with our team who works on brands like

  • Fortra
  • VMWare
  • Varonis
  • Basecamp
  • Elastic

“When you work with an agency, it’s quite an intimate relationship, so you’ve got to work with people you trust. When we looked for a SaaS marketing agency, I felt we had that with Powered by Search, we thought that was a win for us. They helped us feed our sales team with high-quality demos.”

Toan Dinh

CMO, TouchBistro

Pain Point SEO

Deep understanding of customer pain points

To get started with our pain-point SEO focused strategy, we work with your team to build clear customer avatars so that we get right-fit traffic, signups and demos from your ICP ASAP.

Content that converts

Content strategy focused on building buyer awareness

Most agencies think of content strategy as a different term for ‘blogging’. We create content and a site architecture that supports the whole buyer journey using our Authority Architecture.

Insight not just metrics

Forecasting and reporting fit for the C-Suite

We’re deeply focused on growth of your business – not just on marketing metrics. That’s why we give you forecasts for growth including expected traction, acquisition cost estimates, and business cases for appropriate funding.

Client Story

"Few agencies execute like Powered by Search can"

“If you are trying to select an agency, you’ll find that as a marketer […] one of the things that can help you is an established framework like Powered by Search has, which is all about B2B SaaS buyers and what are the things that they prioritize and when do they prioritize them.

Everyone internally talks about mapping content to the buyer stages, but few people, few agencies can really execute on the actual content that will actually drive next step demo requests in a way that Powered by Search can.”

Neil DuPaul, Senior Director Demand Gen, ThreatX

Scale your SaaS trials and demos. On demand.

Deep understanding of customer pain points

Content strategy focused on building buyer awareness

Forecasting and reporting fit for the C-Suite

You shouldn’t have to wait ‘maybe 6 months’ to see results from SEO. Here’s how we’re different:


Customer-focused strategy that converts

We build extensively researched customer avatars enhanced with real-world data sourced directly from your target audience, customer database, backed by input from your team, and codified to become an asset that enhances your company’s traction.

You can expect right-fit traffic from ideal prospects instead of poorly targeted traffic that reduces your conversion rate and increases your cost of acquisition.


SEO ROI that happens fast

Get a comprehensive roadmap including SEO initiatives prioritized by highest impact and lowest effort and dependency so you can get results fast.

You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re investing in the most effective plan possible to scale your demos and trials.


We drive $5 in ARR for every $1 invested in our services

People who say you can’t measure ROI of SEO are so wrong. We build forecasts for your future growth including expected traction, acquisition cost estimates, and help you build business cases for appropriate funding.

You’ll have all the tools necessary to predict your growth, plus you’ll keep your CFO happy.

Scale your SaaS trials and demos. On demand.

Deep understanding of customer pain points

Content strategy focused on building buyer awareness

Forecasting and reporting fit for the C-Suite

Integrate our framework into your own marketing – or have us do it for you

We publish all our docs so that anyone can take the strategies that have made hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients.

Get a taster of how we think about SEO for SaaS companies

In this episode of our podcast, Insider Marketing we share our ideas for how Cord, a developer focused SaaS could scale their business using our playbooks. If you want to understand the kind of insight we bring to developer focused SaaS product, this is a great place to start.

How we grow SaaS companies with SEO

Our team has a track record and many case studies of growing B2B, SaaS, and technology businesses with holistic SEO consulting programs that include Technical, On-Page, and Digital PR (link building). We've grown software and technology companies with SEO using the following techniques:
  • Organic SEO strategy, implementation, and optimization including structuring your website to maximize your discoverability for your features, use cases, target personas, blog, resources, and customer success pages.
  • In-depth SEO Audits and Diagnostics that uncover the gaps in your SEO strategy, keyword research, and implementation. We evaluate your Technical, Content, and Digital PR health and then create a strategy, and execution roadmap to increase your organic traffic.
  • Extensive keyword and topical research that uncovers the exact intent your prospects have and what they search for when they are problem unaware, problem aware, and solution aware (i.e the right keywords). We’ll also show you to set up your internal links so that Google sees more contextual relevance in your content.
  • Creating optimized preferred landing pages that are the most relevant page on your website to meet a specific prospect’s intent, including product pages, use case pages, and pages that compare your company to your competitors.
  • Content marketing consulting and editorial calendar guidance wherewe work with your team of content producers, designing the exact workflow to incorporate SEO into your content creation process so that when you hit the publish button, you’re primed to get more organic search traffic.
  • Content creation where our specialized team of writers use their B2B and SaaS content creation expertise to write, design, and publish high-quality pieces that educate and motivate your prospects from the top of the funnel all the way to the point where they book a demo or start a trial.
  • Interactive and episodic content consulting that can help you create tools, widgets, and calculators that help you get a consistent stream of editorial backlinks year after year without having to create net new content.


You’ve probably got a lot of questions. The best way to get them answered is to get a free marketing plan – we'll cover your questions when we speak. But here’s the answers to some of the most common questions just in case.

How is Powered by Search different from other SEO agencies for SaaS?

Most agencies are focused on driving totally pointless results like increased traffic or keyword rankings. Powered by Search starts every engagement by asking the question:

“How can we get your revenue from where it is to where it needs to be?”

Additionally, our predictable growth methodology is based around creating a flywheel that aligns the work of organic channels with paid channels and general demand generation work.

No other agency is able to take your investments and grow them holistically.

What kinds of companies are a good fit for us?

If you’re a B2B SaaS ready to commit a minimum $7500 a month on marketing for a minimum of 1 year, have strong product market fit and want to make building demand a priority, we can help you scale MRR at record-breaking speeds

Still have a question?

Speak to one of our growth advisors to find out how we can help you scale your SaaS trials and demos at record breaking pace.