The Ideal Agency

What We Know About You

You’re a progressive senior marketer or an entrepreneur who’s tired of being the best-kept secret in town. You know that your current digital marketing efforts don’t put you in the driver’s seat and it’s time to do something about it.

This isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve hired agencies before. And, it hasn’t gone well.

You’ve been let down.

But you haven’t lost hope. You know there’s the right expertise out there that’s exactly right for your company, your goals, and your aspirations.

We get it. We’ve been in your shoes too. That’s why we created Powered by Search — to scratch our own itch, because there’s work, and then there’s great work.

Honestly, when was the last time you fist-pumped the air after looking at a report?

Here’s what we believe the ideal digital marketing agency looks, feels, and acts like, as told by our clients over the last ten years.

Your Ideal Agency Will…

  • Work with you one-on-one to create a customized game plan to get you and your team crystal clear about your 12-month goals, and exactly what you’ll need to work on together in your first 90 days to win.
  • Listen to you. They will be accessible and respond to you within 24 hours during the work week.
  • Use a proven and tested digital marketing system designed to position you as a thought leader in your market.
  • Be on time for all meetings with prepared agendas so your time with is never wasted.
  • Openly and transparently share how they work.
  • Be obsessed with serving you, your team, and your business to succeed.
  • Practice a growth mindset. They will hold you to a higher standard than you hold yourself, and keep you accountable to your best results.
  • Always be in it to win it. They will work intensely on the 20% of activities that will deliver 80% of the results and push-back on low-value initiatives.
  • Empower you with the knowledge and resources you need to be a digital marketing champion in your organization.
  • Apologize if they ever let you down. They’ll strive tirelessly to do things right the first time — but take extreme ownership if something goes wrong.
  • Treat you with class and care in every interaction and work to bring out your best.
  • They will hold you accountable. Because, if they don’t, they’ll let you down.
  • WOW you.