The Ideal Teammate

What We’ve Learned About Our Best Teammates

The best kinds of teams are the ones where everyone is doing what they love to do and do best. This is the type of team we’re continuously striving to build at Powered by Search.

Since 2009, we’ve learned a lot about hiring the best talent in the industry, and here’s what we’ve found — what you believe impacts the way you behave and that has a far greater effect than experience or skill bring to the table.

We call our teammates Searchies. Here’s what we look for in them…

The Ideal Teammate

  • Cares deeply about their work and sees it as a representation of who they are.
  • Shows gratitude, rarely complains, and always lifts others up around them with positivity.
  • Owns their outcomes (good or bad) and takes personal accountability.
  • Isn’t afraid to fail, doesn’t try to be perfect, and learns quickly from their mistakes.
  • Has grit, resilience, and adapts fast because they thrive from change and new opportunities.
  • Is smart, curious, and has a desire to solve problems fast.

If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you.

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