Why do we exist?


Marketing ain’t easy. Think about your biggest competitor. What if you could spend a fraction of what they do, to attract more business? We can show you how.


Everything we do helps businesses succeed. Every step we take transforms their marketing practices from confusion to clarity, unlocking the path to predictable growth.


Marketing is increasingly becoming more complex and fragmented, with less trustworthy subject-matter expertise than ever before. Our vision is to become the de facto digital marketing partner of choice for discerning brands who aren’t unlocking the full potential of the internet as a medium to fuel their growth.


  • Effectiveness > Efficiency

    Focus on doing the right things instead of doing things right. How effective you are doing the right things is more important than how efficient or how much effort you apply towards doing things right.

  • Context > Control

    You provide goals, objectives, strategies and tactics that help your teammates understand the 'why' behind their roles instead of giving them task-based duties that emphasize control over their process.

  • You > Me

    We are obsessed with giving to give. This means that we focus on each other instead of on ourselves in every interaction we take.

  • Growth > Comfort

    We care about growth and momentum over being comfortable or complacent. Powered by Search is the home of doers and risk takers.

  • Specificity > Ambiguity

    We are very specific about our intent, actions, and desired outcomes. This prevents confusion and second-guessing between team members and clients alike.

  • Winning > Losing

    We like to win and win often. Everyone at Powered by Search must focus on winning by providing winning experiences and results for themselves, their co-workers, and their clients.

  • Learning > Failure

    When you do fail, don't lose the lesson. Failure is not required to achieve success, but when we do fail, we learn from our mistakes.

  • Caring > Indifference

    We cannot win if we do not care. We deeply care about the success of our team, our work, and the success of our clients. Indifference is not conducive to our mission or vision, even when things get tough.

  • Calibre > Credentials

    We care about what our team brings to the table in terms of judgment, critical thinking, execution, and storytelling more than their credentials, certificates, degrees, or commendations.

  • Meritocracy > Time

    We reward merit over time served. Seniority and mentorship at Powered by Search is attained by outstanding work rather than time served.