About Us

We help B2B Technology & SaaS Companies who aren’t growing fast enough.

Do you feel like you have to create your digital marketing strategy all by yourself, or that finding the right team members is nearly impossible?

Are you frustrated that you aren’t growing as fast you know you should be, even though your products are demonstrably better than your competitors?

Are you running into the same problems month after month, putting out fires because you’re either having problems attracting the right traffic, converting them into right demos or trials, or effectively tracking and attributing marketing’s impact on keeping your sales teams productive?

If that’s you, you’re in the right place because you are not alone.

Startup graveyards are filled with companies who have a great product that just wasn’t marketed well. We fix that problem.

Our mission is to help experts like you to scale your B2B software or technology company at will with the perfect combination of demand generation strategy, content marketing, and paid advertising, and SEO.

Why our clients hire us

  • We have worked with business just like yours. Since 2009 we have helped B2B software and technology clients dominate competitive industries in verticals including insurance, finance, legal, healthcare, logistics, shipping, manufacturing, network security, cloud computing, and investor relations. There’s too many to list right here, so if you’re curious if we’ve got experience in your vertical just ask us.
  • We demonstrate tangible results in 90 days or less. Many of our clients come to us after working with agencies or consultants who take too long to figure out their business, increasing the time it takes to generate results.
  • We have a proven methodology and ruthlessly execute on exactly what’s needed to get your ideal prospect who may have never heard of your company to become so interested in your products that they request a demo or sign up for a free trial.

We hire, fire, and promote based on the following values.

The company we’ve built is the function of the team we have and the client we work with.

These are our core values:

  1. Always be in it to win it.
  2. Give a shit.
  3. Be obsessed with serving others.
  4. Practice a growth mindset.
  5. When we fail, don’t lose the lesson.

How our team gets results

The Powered by Search team is fully distributed and remote-first with consultants in Canada and the United States. Our team specializes in organic and paid traffic acquisition, creating compelling copywriting and offers, and creating and promoting content that speaks to your ideal prospects and customers.

Our clients tell us that they love our approach of connecting clients and specialized consultants directly, eliminating the middle man, or account management function so common in other agencies.

This approach not only saves time and increases output because it’s more efficient — you get to work directly with experts and enjoy an engagement that goes deep fast, with specific, actionable, and pragmatic guidance.

Our consultants have experience working and managing in-house marketing teams, leading agency-side teams, and running their own successful consulting practices and have worked with software and technology clients for many years.

This means we understand the practical reality of marketing operations within a B2B software or technology business. We know that before we celebrate wins, you’ll need a solid strategy to work with your counterparts in IT, Legal, and Sales to holistically grow your business.

That’s why we will work with you to identify your own unique style and constraints upfront so that you only get guidance and road mapped solutions that can be executed fast.