The world’s most specialized B2B SaaS marketing agency: why our clients choose us over other agencies

Choosing a marketing agency is daunting: you’re on the hook for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars if you make the wrong choice.

So let us explain why Powered by Search is a great investment and why we’re a safe choice compared to some of the other agencies you may be considering.

Why we’re able to generate predictable growth for our clients

You’ve heard other agencies say ‘we’re different’ but how believable is that really?

They might get some good results, sure. But it’s a nightmare to work with them.

You’ve got no visibility on how the project is going, whether you’ll hit your goals or how they’re going to make that happen.

Highly Specialized

We only work with B2B SaaS. Nothing else.

Almost every agency claiming to help grow B2B SaaS companies also makes the same claim about ecommerce, DTC and service businesses.

But Powered by Search only works with B2B SaaS companies with demonstrable product-market fit who are ready to scale trials and demos at record breaking speeds.

Because of this deep expertise in the SaaS business model, we know exactly how to grow businesses – and we have the results to prove it.

  • Increased MRR by 15%
  • Decreased cost per trial activation from PPC by 34% MoM
  • Google ads sign-ups +22% while spend down 7%

Expert Advice

Work with consultants. Not juniors

“Will my account get assigned to an inexperienced junior?”

If you’ve worked with agencies before, you’ll know that once the handshake is done and the ink is wet, you’ll be passed off to an implementation team. Day to day you end up working with a junior and you’re left looking at the table where the senior consultants are sat shaking their next client’s hand.

We only work with experienced consultants who are able to think strategically and translate your business goals into marketing programs.

Our directors work with their teams to define the strategy for each account, implement and stay on top of the performance. Because of the way we use Basecamp to communicate, even our executive team see the day-to-day performance and quality of your project.

So, no. We won’t palm you off on an inexperienced junior and then go find our next client.

Conversion Driven

Revenue focused. Not vanity metrics

When you’re signing off on a project with an agency, you want to know you’re going to see ROI.

Lots of agencies will tell you that you’ll see increased traffic, lower cost per lead and improved search rankings.

But we give you forecasts for growth including expected traction, acquisition cost estimates, and business cases for appropriate funding.

Maybe you’ve been burned by agencies reporting on vanity metrics like impressions or CTR in the past. We don’t work like that.

We’re focused on driving improvement in bottom line metrics first and foremost. Trials, activations, closed deals. That’s what we care about.

Who manages my account?

Unlike other agencies, we don’t have account managers.

Every account at Powered by Search is managed by a lead consultant for each channel that we’re working on. For example, Pedro could be the lead consultant for SEO and work with Jess as the lead consultant on paid media and Andrew can manage the demand gen elements of your project.

Awareness Aligned

Systematic playbook for driving growth

Ever get the feeling that an agency doesn’t really know what the next move is? Or why something works?

Ever feel like they say ‘it’s best practice’ or ‘we’ve seen this work’ without any kind of understanding of why?

It’s deeply frustrating when that happens.

Because of our deep B2B SaaS experience, we have a clear and systematic playbook for growing business predictably. It’s called the predictable growth model.

We work through improving the efficacy of the levers you can pull to grow your company and prioritize actions based on clearly defined goals.

Here’s what our client had to say about how we helped Loopio increase demos by 41% quarter over quarter and achieve consistent growth:

“There’s always a scientific methodology around the things that they initiate and the ‘why’ behind the initiatives. They always tie their suggestions back to how each initiative will achieve our end goals”

– Marcus Di Rollo, Loopio

Highly Strategic

Strategic partners, not marketing bods

The classic adage is: ‘the customer is always right’ and most marketing agencies work off that principle too.

But it’s wrong.

When you’re sick and go to a surgeon for an operation, you don’t direct their scalpel during the operation. That would be madness.

Our consultants have worked on dozens of businesses trying to do similar things to you. They know what works, why and when to make the sometimes uncomfortable call to say: ‘Here’s why this wouldn’t be in your best interest’

When you hire Powered By Search, you’re not hiring a team to pull levers for you. You’re hiring partners who can help you make strong strategic choices that align to actual business goals.

Clients frequently tell us they’re fed up of needing to tell their agencies what to do and that they want their agency to to tell *them* what to do.

We do that and one better: We do it for them so all they have to pay for is the result.

But if you’re after a team who’ll take orders and run your ad accounts without question, we’d be happy to send you a list of names.

Scale your SaaS trials and demos. On demand.

Results backed methodology

Omnichannel paid media approach

Clear, results focused reporting

Our clients love us

ThreatX hired Powered by Search to help them build a strong pipeline for a privacy focused market with long sales cycles.

We used paid media and SEO to build awareness so that when they’re ready to buy, ThreatX is the obvious choice.

Neil DuPaul, Senior Director, Demand Gen at Threat X said:

“One of the things that can help you is an established framework like Powered by Search has about what B2B buyers prioritize and when they prioritize them. Everyone internally talks about mapping content to the buyer stages. But few agencies can really execute on the content that will actually drive next step demo requests in the way Powered by Search can.”

“Few agencies execute like Powered by Search can”

Free playbooks

Open playbooks – implement them yourself!

One of our core beliefs is that we’ll reach far more people with our content than we’ll reach by working together and we’re OK with that: people trust our expertise at scale and implement our playbooks for themselves. When they’re ready to work together, they reach out. Here’s a few favourites:

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