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Web Analytics & Call Tracking

Web analytics and call tracking

Are you measuring correctly?

At the core of every internet marketing campaign is a web analytics solution, a suite of software that measures the visits to your site, demographic information of your visitors, how those visitors interacted with your site, and the cost of customer acquisition. However, many brands don’t follow best practices for these web analytics; they measure incorrect metrics or the data that is measured is not actionable, so that decisions are made based on instinct rather than data. In addition, web-based tracking is not the silver bullet; methods, such as call tracking, must be used to capture offline conversions.

Don’t make decisions without the right data.

Making decisions from a gut feeling can mean an unpredictable hit or miss, an unnecessary risk for any business. Paying attention to the wrong data can misdirect the usage results of your marketing dollars. Even worse, not tracking offline conversions means you are only seeing a fraction of the total conversions being generated through your website.

Discover insights, create value.

At Powered by Search, we use our proprietary web analytics framework to help map your business goals to the correct online KPIs. We use our web analytics solution to help transition your reports into actionable business insights that lead to real economic value for your business. Our call tracking technology can track every call generated by your online and offline marketing campaigns, down to the keywords that helped generate the phone lead, for businesses both large and small.

What do you get with Powered by Search’s Web Analytics & Call Tracking services?

  • Tracking of Traffic and Conversions from Ads, Content, and Social Media
  • Online and Offline Media Channel Attribution
  • Data-Driven Business Analysis

Actionable business insights. Delivered.

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