Making Content Great Again: How 1 Post Generated 50 Leads for VisaPlace

Many parts of the American population have been humorously (and sometimes seriously) threatening to emigrate throughout Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The sentiment peaked when ABC News reported that Google searches for “how can I move to Canada rose by over 350% during Super Tuesday.” That’s right, 350%! Here are some examples:

We saw this as a great news jacking opportunity for VisaPlace. a well known provider of immigration lawyer services (have you seen their bus ads?). We needed to quickly leverage this story while it was still making news cycles in order to generate new leads for VisaPlace. We figured a blog post would be the best format.

Here’s what we needed to do in one workweek to make this post successful:

  • Client approval of idea and framework.
  • The piece needed to be written, edited, and formatted for VP’s WordPress.
  • Design several graphics.
  • Client approval of final work.

The Solution

We came up with the idea of offering a guide to Canadian immigration with the title of “If Trump Wins I’m Moving to Canada” – Here’s How To Do It. One of our dedicated Account Directors got in touch with VisaPlace and explained the idea to them. They loved it and saw the post’s potential.

Following the call, our AD immediately met with the Content Team to explain the scope of the project, determine which assets would be needed, and whiteboard a general outline. We began creating this piece within mere minutes of generating the outline. While the copy was being written, the Content Team also crowd sourced headline ideas from the office, developed several visual guides to break down complicated immigration processes, and tracked down actual Tweets of the emigration hysteria that was sweeping the US.

If Trump Wins I'm Moving to Canada

The Results

We were able to complete this piece very quickly and launch it on March 11, 2016 which allowed us to ride Super Tuesday’s popularity wave. Our team generated 50 qualified leads, brought 2400+ unique site users to VisaPlace, and generated over 800 social media shares.

This was a really exciting project to work on, and it was a lot of fun to boot. I’m very pleased that we moved so efficiently and quickly got a bunch of wins for VisaPlace. Of course, I haven’t covered the full extent of our wonderful partnership with VisaPlace in this post. This is just one part of the wonderful work we do together.

If you’re interested in learning about how we can help your business, be sure to request a free 25 minute marketing assessment with us. I bet you’ll find out you could be acquiring a lot more customers.

Special thanks to our Account Director Rob and Social Media Marketing Director Melissa for helping make this blog post such a great success!