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    Last updated: June 19th, 2024

    Growing B2B SaaS companies often reach a point where they need external marketing expertise. While they may have sufficient staff and resources, what’s frequently missing is the expert guidance and strategic advice necessary for effective plan execution. This is where a fractional CMO is the ideal solution.

    A B2B SaaS fractional CMO provides your business with high-level expertise and advice at a fraction of the cost and commitment. They are essentially a part-time consultant, ideal for B2B SaaS companies that just need some oversight.

    Our directory features a curated list of reputable CMOs that offer fractional services. This list is enough to get you started, but you should still vet any consultant before committing to work with them to be sure they will integrate well with your team and provide the exact service you need.

    Alan Gleeson

    01 alan gleeson

    Alan Gleeson is a fractional B2B SaaS marketing consultant and CMO who specializes in supporting tech startups in growing and scaling their businesses. He’s worked as a fractional CMO for the last 10+ years and has helped over 50 clients achieve their marketing goals.

    Alan started his career in financial services (Barclays graduate program) before joining Freeserve, an Internet service provider acquired by Wanadoo. In 2004, he joined the team at Palo Alto Software as the Managing Director of the European branch.

    More recently, Alan has worked for over 50 leading VC-backed B2B SaaS startups, combining full-time and consultancy strategic marketing engagements. In 2022, he founded his own content management system, Contento, so it’s fair to say Alan has a wealth of experience in the SaaS industry.

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    Alon Even

    02 alon even

    As a marketing and business executive with 16 years of experience, Alon served as CMO/VP of Marketing three times, was involved in two exits, and founded two companies.

    He’s always excited to work with B2B SaaS startups and scale-ups, get the right people’s attention, and help businesses generate a sustainable source of pipeline and revenue.

    Professional Website:

    Andrea Brown

    03 andrea brown scaled

    Andrea Brown has over 18 years of experience in marketing strategy, brand management, and corporate planning and has collaborated with over 20 companies and brands in the B2B and B2C markets.

    She brings her vibrant energy to diverse industries, including SaaS, FinTech, Retail, Consumer Goods, and Manufacturing. Her leadership and dynamic personality amplify her proven track record of success, spanning both regional and global scales.

    Professional Website:

    Angus Jones

    04 angus jones scaled

    For 30 years, Angus has been a Career Marketer in the Consumer Electronics, IT, and Telecommunications industries. Angus has worked for US, Australian, and Asian multinationals across B2B and B2C routes to market for companies like Dell, HPE, Optus, and Veeam.

    His career in product management and product marketing (demand generation) has seen him lead teams in Australia, Asia, and Globally. In 2019, he left his role as LG Australia’s Chief Marketing Officer to start businesses in his own right, including Small Business Answers and Register Today.

    Professional Website:


    Bhavini Amin

    05 bhavini amin

    Bhavini Amin is a senior financial services executive with 25+ years of experience driving strategy, growth, and operations across fintech, banking, investment management, and lending organizations.

    Throughout her career, Bhavini has held leadership roles in business operations, business development, sales, marketing, client experience, solution consulting, digital transformation, product development, data, analytics, and insights. She is a dynamic leader capable of navigating multifaceted roles and overcoming complex challenges.

    Most recently, Bhavini was the Chief Marketing and Revenue Operations Officer at CoreLogic, which acquired Roostify, a fintech B2B SaaS company. She helped lead the organization through a period of rapid growth, enhanced its marketing capabilities, and established a revenue operations function, preparing the company for acquisition.

    Bhavini is also an active mentor and coach within the startup ecosystem, including VCs, Accelerator Programs, and Startup Incubators globally, particularly helping India-based startups looking to expand into the US markets.

    Before CoreLogic, Bhavini made significant contributions in her roles at top Fortune 500 companies such as Freddie Mac, T. Rowe Price, Bank of America, Vanguard, Northwestern Mutual, and Merrill Lynch.

    Bhavini holds an MBA in management and marketing from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Science in finance and international business from the University of South Carolina.

    LinkedIn Profile:

    Brennon Bynum

    06 brennon bynum scaled

    Brennon Bynum is an experienced Fractional CMO who blends creative thinking with strategic planning to capture the imagination of consumers and deliver tangible results.

    His journey began as an award-winning advertising creative director for iconic brands like Pepsi, Nissan, and IHOP, and has evolved as a successful marketing executive with a track record of leading global marketing teams at Keiser Fitness and Proteus Motion. He led these companies to record growth initiatives in the health, wellness, and fitness industries.

    His proven strategies combine analytical rigor with a keen sense of market dynamics, making him the ideal partner for businesses seeking impactful growth without the overhead. Brennon’s expertise is in elevating brands and crafting compelling narratives that resonate, driving both visibility and sales.

    Professional Website:

    Elissa Jane Mastel

    07 elissa jane mastel scaled

    Elissa is a creative thinker who’s quick on her feet with new ideas and solutions and can deploy these ideas with a strategic mindset. She considers herself a teacher, a coach, and a good friend you didn’t know you needed in your corner.

    In her recent work, she taught the Fusion 360 social media team how to create a storytelling baseline and coached their team on how to leverage influencers successfully. After working with the client for six months, brand awareness was up 22.1%, and she generated $243,235.04. Her creativity and ability to pivot to make a marketing plan work have manifested from decades of hands-on marketing experience.

    Look to EJ for transparency, an opportunity to learn something new, and to help you turn your ideas into action.

    Professional Website:

    Emre Doğaner

    08 emre doganer

    Emre has sidestepped in his career, originally starting in sales and marketing before transitioning to become a computer engineer and going back to marketing. His professional career started as a Sales & Marketing Manager for 2,5 years at a local construction company, before taking a role as a real estate agent at REMAX.

    He’s decided to take that knowledge and start his own digital marketing business as a consultant. Most recently, he’s been working as VP of Marketing and Strategy at Funnel Kafası, where he provides a fractional CMO service for various B2B SaaS startups.

    Professional Website:

    Ian Macleod

    09 ian macleod

    Ian is a Fractional CMO and Marketing advisor to early/mid-stage start-ups and scale-ups. He primarily focuses on B2B, SaaS, and tech-based companies and works with B2C tech businesses looking to scale in the UK, EME, USA, and globally.

    He has 20+ years of experience in startup, scaleup, and global enterprise brands within the SAAS, Ecommerce, Traveltech, Hoteltech, Martech, Fintech, Entertainment, and Gambling sectors. In the past, he’s led multiple growth journeys ranging from single digit £/$M to beyond £/$40m+ and to positive exits on multiple occasions.

    Ian is a proven tech marketing leader with hands-on and strategic expertise across all core functions of marketing, including product marketing, demand, brand, content, partnerships, and marketing operations. He has worked within VC-backed, PE-owned, and bootstrapped businesses and has advised multiple founders and marketing teams on their early GTM strategies.

    LinkedIn Profile:

    Josh Ades

    10 josh ades

    With 20+ years of professional writing experience and over 13 years in marketing leadership in B2B SaaS and tech startups, Josh brings his deep in-house expertise to B2B SaaS clients who need to grow. In addition to fractional CMO work and consulting, Josh offers a content production service known as the Crush Content program.

    Professional Website:

    Kasey Bayne

    10 kasey bayne scaled

    Kasey Bayne brings together the best of both worlds: growth and metrics.

    Kasey specializes in working with tech and SaaS companies, startups, small businesses, and professional service companies. She guides, develops, and implements your marketing and sales strategy and builds the machine that powers your business.

    By helping you to strategize, plan, automate, and measure, you will have the data you need to make better business decisions faster.

    Professional Website:

    Lindsay Britt

    11 lindsay britt


    After working for large brands for the first part of her career, Lindsay launched her own start-up and has remained in the start-up world ever since.

    She has over a decade of experience bringing new products and brands to market, building marketing departments from scratch, and scaling businesses (with a successful exit under her belt, we should add).

    Professional Website:

    Loic Jeanjean

    11 loic jeanjean scaled

    As a strategic and tactical marketing executive with 18 years of experience in B2B SaaS, Loic has a track record of driving results for bootstrapped and VC-funded scaleups.

    His diverse professional background spans three continents and half a dozen industries, giving him a holistic view of the customer-buying journey in companies targeting SMBs to Enterprise. With a focus on trust and mutual understanding, he leads by example, managing teams to achieve common targets and goals. Bridging the gap between marketing, sales, and other departments is something he considers a key strength.

    Some of his accomplishments include generating $100+ million in revenue and hiring and managing teams of 30+ people.

    Linkedin Profile:
    Professional Website:

    Lorenzo Bolognini

    12 lorenzo bolognini

    Lorenzo is an experienced B2B marketer, having worked with notable brands like Microsoft, Nestlé, Envista, LHH, and others.

    He will analyze all your processes and baseline performance, and put your B2B funnel under the microscope before establishing a way forward. The results speak for themselves, as he has helped countless companies grow by rebooting their approach to sales and marketing.

    In the past, he has restructured sales and marketing operations for a public billion-dollar company in the medical devices space, reducing campaigns’ go-to-market time. He’s also boosted key accounts by 10x by winning RFPs against well-resourced, world-class competitors.

    Professional Website:

    Lou Hughes

    13 lou hughes

    Lou Hughes is Co-CEO of Moving Minds and serves as a CMO On Demand to a diverse group of clients ranging from early-stage start-ups to mid-cap companies. In this role, Lou leads mission-critical strategic marketing engagements and digital marketing initiatives that consistently increase market valuation, revenue, and demand.

    Lou is highly sought after for his ability to drive strategic transformation and innovation across large, complex global organizations in the areas of strategic marketing, branding & repositioning, digital enablement, e-commerce, and marketing automation.

    Prior to founding Moving Minds, Lou led digital marketing initiatives and engagements for Fannie Mae, Caremark CVS, Commerce One, Unicom Global, Siemens, MasterCard, Citibank, and CoStar. Today, he applies the best practices and knowledge gained working on behalf of various Fortune 500 and category leaders to fast-growing VC-funded start-ups and mid-cap client companies.

    Professional Website:

    Louis Gudema

    14 louis gudema

    Louis is a marketer with a full suite of expertise and experience, ranging from product positioning to messaging and marketing strategy. Throughout his career, he has guided nearly 200 hundred B2B companies, from startups to the Fortune 500.

    He has established and optimized campaigns using his award-winning Bullseye Marketing Framework. Now in its second edition, this framework was named one of the Best Marketing Plan Books of All Time by Book Authority, the 2023 Marketing/Branding Book of the Year by Goody Business Book Awards, and was a finalist for Best Marketing Book from Book Excellence Awards.

    In addition to all these accolades, he founded Magic Hour Communications, providing high-level marketing services to major companies like IBM and The Boston Globe. He then transformed the business into a leading SaaS firm before making a successful exit. As a fractional CMO for B2B startups and growth-stage companies, he brings all that experience to the table.

    Professional website:

    Maria Bell

    15 maria bell

    Maria comes to B2B SaaS with 7+ years of experience. She specializes in content strategy and content creation, has worked for Zapier, Lusha, Workiz, and Loomly, and primarily writes blog posts, articles, white papers, ebooks, thought leadership pieces, and case studies.

    Maria helps early-stage and high-growth SMB SaaS companies generate qualified leads and increase free-trial sign-ups. She does this through the use of product-led and customer-focused content.

    LinkedIn profile:

    Michelle Wols

    16 michelle wols

    Michelle Wols is a fractional CMO with 7+ years of experience focusing on technical audiences like data scientists, developers, and system administrators. She helps companies scale from 0 to $10 million ARR.

    She has a hands-on approach grounded in both qualitative and quantitative research, and prioritizes product marketing as the cornerstone of success.

    Experienced in different marketing channels, including LinkedIn, Reddit, and Google Ads, she tailors strategies to best suit the target audience. She is proficient in mainstream analytics tools like HubSpot and Google Analytics and has a personal interest in privacy-first marketing.

    Michelle is based in Valencia, Spain.

    Professional Website:

    Nancy Chou

    17 nancy chou

    Nancy is a results-focused marketing and growth leader with a Kellogg MBA. She has extensive hands-on experience in SaaS revenue and enterprise sales. Most recently, Nancy led enterprise-level technical sales and marketing teams in data management, NLP/NLG, and cybersecurity.

    Her earlier foundational experience in MarTech, software development tools, open source software, and CAD/CAM/CAE have also given her the much-needed foothold in the world of B2B SaaS. In addition, she’s worked in highly regulated industries, which include medical, defense & avionics, and automotive.

    LinkedIn Profile:
    Professional Website:

    Ritika Mehta

    18 ritika mehta scaled

    Ritika is a fractional CMO, consultant, and marketing advisor. She helps create structure, workflow, and a system aligned with the marketing foundation for B2B companies to work smoothly. Ritika works with cross-functional teams, both large and small in size, to improve efficiency and reduce stress in closing sales.

    She has experience implementing tailored solutions through product positioning, go-to-market strategy, content marketplace, and pipeline that drive revenue. She’s able to do all this by having a clear vision from problem to solution.

    Professional Website:
    LinkedIn Profile:

    Samantha Hulkower Paperin

    19 samantha hulkower paperin

    Samantha Hulkower Paperin is a born and raised New Yorker. She graduated from Long Island University with a B.S. in Environmental Science and an M.A. in Global Environmental Politics from American University. During her time in the US, she worked in environmental science and politics.

    In 2013, Samantha moved to Israel and transitioned her career from politics into marketing. Since then, she has accrued extensive experience in marketing for B2B, B2C, and B2G businesses.

    As a Fractional CMO, Samantha helps B2B SMBs and startups build or improve all aspects of their marketing while ensuring that every marketing task is done with sales in mind.

    Professional Website:

    Sherehan Ross

    20 sherehan ross

    Sherehan is an innovative marketing thought leader and maverick thinker who thrives on challenging the status quo. With a proven track record in driving revenue, customer engagement, and competitive differentiation across B2B and B2C markets, she displays the competitive drive needed to excel in marketing.

    She has excellent communication skills and a collaborative speaking style that facilitates her ability to sell ideas with assurance and integrity. At the same time, her creative drive and analytical abilities allow her to develop and lead marketing departments and teams to deliver results.

    Sherehan is fueled by a passion for empowering disruptive, category-defining companies and their founders to succeed. She has extensive experience in leading brands and teams across a diverse range of industries, categories, and channels while delivering clear business insight, strategy alignment, and exceptional execution to help tech companies win.

    Her sweet spot is building up the marketing side of tech startups from scratch. She enjoys the challenge of taking a company from its early days and helping it achieve significant growth.

    She is strategic in what she does and takes a customer-centric approach to marketing. Results are achieved by delivering personalized customer experiences with the help of user and business data, and by responding adequately to changing market conditions and consumer preferences.

    Professional Website:

    Sudeep Kaur Bansi

    21 sudeep kaur bansi

    Sudeep is an engineer-turned-marketer, entrepreneur, and advocate for the marketing function. She enjoys working with small businesses as a Fractional CMO to establish a deliberate brand positioning so they can have a tack-sharp focus on the right value for the right audience.

    In her opinion, brand positioning is a crucial element that drives all marketing, communication, and advertising decisions. And she’s right on the mark when it comes to all things brand positioning.

    LinkedIn Profile:

    Winn Maddrey

    22 winn maddrey

    Winn has a strong drive to help business leaders navigate and communicate through transitions, transactions, or crises. He is available to serve as interim and/or fractional CCO/CMO for clients who need strategic counsel and guidance on their marketing and communications functions.

    His goal is to help clients achieve their business objectives and enhance their reputation in the market.

    Professional Website:

    Yael Shatzky

    23 yael shatzky scaled

    Yael’s career has thrived on innovation and the tireless pursuit of marketing brilliance, all while delivering tangible results.

    She’s worked with startups and tech pioneers to drive market leadership and growth and has a passion for crafting compelling messaging and storytelling that connects with specific audiences. She has successfully built brand identities, developed go-to-market strategies, executed product launches, and driven growth.

    She also has a track record of creating innovative lead-generation campaigns and personalized nurturing journeys, all while maintaining a strong media and industry presence.

    LinkedIn Profile:

    Zohe Mustafa

    24 zohe mustafa

    Zohe is a seasoned Senior Digital Growth Leader with over 25 years of driving transformative growth for global organizations across diverse industries. He’s consulted and worked in Retail, SaaS, Telecoms, Healthcare, Technology, Hospitality, Ecommerce and Digital Media.

    Equipped with a unique blend of strategic vision and hands-on execution, he focuses on accelerating growth and revenue in a number of ways. He develops data-driven digital transformation strategies that deliver rapid and sustainable business growth. Zohe also leads marketing, technology, and product teams to execute integrated omnichannel campaigns and digital experiences.

    He is proficient in deploying AI solutions and leading AI Ops to optimize productivity and conversion and has a solid understanding of the business goals behind AI systems and their performance. He will guide the launch of innovative products and services by combining consumer insights with emerging technologies.

    He places a high priority on optimizing marketing technology stacks and leveraging analytics to maximize ROI, while also cultivating a high-performance culture focused on measurable growth and innovation.

    Whether spearheading a digital transformation as CMO or leading a high-growth global marketing organization, he combines executive presence, strategic perspective, technical know-how, and team leadership to drive revenues. Under his guidance, companies he’s worked with have acquired and retained customers, elevated brand awareness, and expanded market share.

    Professional Website:

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