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    20 Must-Have B2B SaaS SEO Tools

    Last updated: May 14th, 2024

    As a SaaS marketer, you know that leveraging the full potential of SEO is essential for growth. And as you also know, developing a successful SEO strategy in the B2B SaaS sector requires not just skill but the right set of tools.

    But with so many SEO tools available, it can be challenging to pinpoint the very best ones.

    In this article, we’ll introduce you to 20 must-have B2B SaaS SEO tools that are specifically valuable for SaaS marketers. These tools will help you optimize your online presence and improve your search engine rankings, so let’s get into it.

    Many of the SEO tools we cover in this article are considered all-in-one tools that can make your job as a marketer easier, meaning they’ll give you the complete SEO support package, like SEMrush of SurferSEO. Other tools, however, are more specialized for a particular purpose — for example, they have good competitor analysis functionality like Ahrefs or unique keyword research capability, like Answer the Public.

    Which one you pick will ultimately depend on your workflow and whether you’re looking for something more simple or robust.

    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a popular and easy-to-use tool for tracking user behavior and website traffic.

    It enables you to track key metrics like the most visited pages, the average time spent on your site, and the bounce rate. These metrics can help you figure out why some pages aren’t performing as well, so you can improve your site’s SEO.

    For even better results, you can connect Google Analytics with another Google product, Google Search Console, to help with keyword research, see which queries result in clicks, and do a deeper analysis of the organic traffic interacting with your site.

    This tool is accessible for any website you manage and comes with a convenient mobile app and plenty of online resources to help you learn the ropes. The added plus is that it’s free to use.

    Google Search Console

    Google Search Console

    Google Search Console is another SEO product by Google, but here the focus is on search performance.

    It can monitor page crawling and indexing and will detail any errors, like a DNS error where the website can’t be found. The metrics Google Search Console displays include total clicks, total impressions, average CTR, and average position in search results.

    In addition, you can see a performance report that covers a breakdown analysis of the traffic your site attracts. You can pinpoint your top-performing pages, keywords, and search phrases, and the number of clicks they attract. You’ll also be able to see any underperforming keywords which, if fixed, can significantly increase website traffic.

    Again, as with Google Analytics, Google Search Console is free to use and provides powerful insights, which makes it a tool worth using.



    Ahrefs is without a doubt one of the best SEO audit tools available, suitable for both pros and beginners. It’s considered an all-in-one tool that gives you the ability to complete a whole suite of SEO tasks on one platform.

    With Ahrefs, you can do a full site audit and competitor analysis, track your ranking, and complete keyword research.

    The Site Explorer tool provides a starting point to dig deep into any URL and get details on organic search traffic and backlinks. Using the Keywords Explorer, you can carry out high-quality keyword research and get insights into both relevance and traffic potential for each term. If you need help developing content topic ideas, you can also use the Content Explorer tool.

    The Site Audit tool, on the other hand, can help you identify any pain points with your on-page and technical SEO that need to be fixed. Then you can monitor your site on an ongoing basis with the Rank Tracker. Scheduled reports will show how your website performance changes over time.

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    Ahrefs does have free but limited access to the Site Explorer and Site Audit tools. However, if you want more, plans start from $99/month.

    Moz SEO Software


    Moz is an all-in-one SEO solution that allows you to carry out a site audit, track your ranking, analyze backlinks, and do keyword research.

    With the Moz Pro plan, the site audit tool will crawl your pages and provide you with a final audit score and suggestions for what to do to improve the overall score. Moz also allows for custom reports, so you can only focus on specific metrics without unnecessary clutter.

    As with Ahrefs, Moz offers some SEO tools for free, while others require a paid subscription to access. The base-level plan starts at $14/month and you can get the more advanced Moz Pro plan for $99/month.



    Botify offers a secure, end-to-end encrypted platform designed to enhance your website’s SEO visibility. In fact, they state that their customers see double-digit increases in organic traffic in the first three years of using Botify.

    A key advantage of Botify is its ability to continuously monitor and improve your website’s SEO health. It proactively identifies and rectifies errors, saving significant time and allowing you to concentrate on other business aspects. The tool includes features for keyword research, content analysis, and tracking search engine results page (SERP) rankings.

    Botify also works alongside Google Analytics to give you an even better overview of engagement analytics, partly because it centralizes the data in Botify Analytics.

    Botify’s pricing model is results-oriented, meaning charges are based on the outcomes you achieve rather than usage. Unfortunately, that also means they don’t advertise fixed-rate package prices and you have to contact them to discuss your needs and get a quote.



    Semrush offers a really broad selection of SaaS SEO tools, the most popular of which include an SEO site audit tool, competitor analysis tools, and keyword research functionality.

    Semrush has data going back to 2014, so you can be sure you’re getting really thorough results.

    The competitor analysis functionality gives you the ability to see your biggest competitors’ target keywords and backlinks and analyze their top-ranking content. The site audit tool will crawl your pages to provide recommendations for improvement. The position tracking tool will run in the background and alert you if your rank position changes so you can react quickly and maintain your ranking in SERPs. You can also monitor the performance of paid advertising campaigns on social media or landing pages using the PPC keyword tool.

    It’s possible to use Semrush with a free account, but you’ll have limited access and are only permitted 10 searches per day. If you decide to upgrade to a paid account, the plans start from $129.95/month, and there are extra add-ons on offer.

    Answer the Public


    Answer the Public is a niche tool for content marketers looking to get better insight into long-tail keywords or to develop content topics.

    You simply enter your keyword, and it will present a collection of trending questions starting with “how,” “why,” or “will.” Because it answers your target audience’s questions, this tool helps you curate content they’ll find helpful and interesting to read.

    You can narrow down searches by location and switch language. This tool is available for free, provided you don’t exceed the maximum of three searches per day, and you don’t need to store or download your search results. If you want to access all of the functionalities, paid plans start from $9/month.

    Screaming Frog


    Screaming Frog is a desktop application designed for comprehensive website monitoring and crawling. It will accurately identify SEO problems, like broken links and duplicate content, and analyze your metadata.

    The tool offers customizable reports, XML sitemap generation, and can be integrated with Google Analytics and Page Speed Insights for enhanced insights.

    A majority of the functionality Screaming Frog provides is available for free. However, you’ll have a crawl limit of 500 pages, and you won’t be able to schedule crawling, among other limitations. If you want to pay for full functionality, it’s an annual payment of $259/year.



    SurferSEO is a comprehensive tool for both on-page and off-page SEO analysis.

    It has a built-in keyword research tool and plagiarism detector and will identify opportunities for backlinks. The AI-incorporated tool can generate content outlines and assist your writing along the way. You’ll know when your content is perfectly optimized when the dial on the SEO Scorecard hits green.

    The tool provides analytics on target keywords, tracks the top-ranking pages, and monitors your website’s search result rankings. The user interface and content editor are easy to use and can be accessed by your entire team if there’s a need for collaboration.

    There’s no free plan, so if you want to use SurferSEO, pricing plans start from $139/month.



    Spyfu is a specialized competitor research tool.

    A detailed competitor analysis will show you your biggest competitors’ rank tracking and website traffic, compare your domains, and help you identify their SEO strategy. The tool is particularly useful for Google Ads campaigns because you can examine your competitors’ Google Ads history and results.

    After all this research and intel on your competitors, Spyfu will provide keyword recommendations for your next ad campaign. Spyfu can also help you build backlink connections by identifying influencers who are right for your niche.



    Ubersuggest is an SEO tool marketed under the Neil Patel brand. It’s particularly useful as a starting point to investigate why content isn’t performing and how to improve it.

    The tool analyzes your competitors’ content marketing success and SEO strategy by monitoring keyword traffic and backlinks. You can do the usual keyword research, track historical search volume, find related keywords, and use the keyword idea-generating function. Ubersuggest will also give you website backlink data, including the number of backlinks, referring domains, and domain authority.

    While Ubersuggest may not compete in the same league as tools like Ahrefs or Semrush, it offers great value for its price point. In fact, you may not have to pay anything if you’re happy using the free version with limitations. Otherwise, there are three pricing plans available, starting at $12/month or a one-off lifetime payment of $120.



    SEOmator does the full range of SEO auditing, covering technical, on-page, and off-page aspects.

    It comes with a comprehensive SEO health dashboard that displays traffic, rankings, and SEO issues on your site. The SEO health reports will flag issues like duplicate title tags, slow page loading speed, broken external links, or pages that are not mobile-friendly. You can also complete a full competitor SEO analysis and unravel any backlink problems and opportunities.

    It’s possible to complete a basic SEO Audit for free on their website, but if you want access to all the features and functionality, you’ll have to subscribe. Pricing plans start from $49/month, and you’ll get a 100% money-back guarantee and a free 7-day trial period.



    AlsoAsked operates similarly to Answer the Public.

    You enter the chosen keywords, and it pulls data from the Google Search Engine’s People Also Ask feature that has real search queries. It then displays the data in a visual mind map that’s easy to process. You can choose the language and location to narrow down the search to your region, and download results as a CSV file or PNG image. The tool saves your search history, so you can go back to find anything you forgot to download.

    It’s simple to use and gives free access for 3 searches per day. If you want to research more long-tail keywords, you’ll have to subscribe to a payment plan. There are three subscription options, starting at $12/month.

    Keywords Everywhere

    Keywords Everywhere

    Keywords Everywhere provides all the standard keyword research data like CPC, competition, and search volume, and it’s only useful for keyword research.

    It’s accessible as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox. This means you can see the SEO data you want while browsing the web. As you search, data on your search terms will appear on the right side of the screen. Because it shows you CPC, it’s also helpful for those looking into paid search campaigns.

    The browser extension is free to access, but if you upgrade to a paid account, you’ll get access to a wider array of data from websites like Amazon, Etsy, YouTube, and eBay, as well as other perks, like SEO Minion, an on-page SEO checker. There are several monthly subscription options, starting from $1.75/month and up to $80/month. Alternatively, you can purchase credits as you go. One credit equals one keyword, and $18 will get you 100,000 credits.


    Rank Math

    RankMath is a WordPress SEO plugin, and since WordPress powers over 40% of all websites, this tool is quite popular.

    It enables you to edit schema markup to appear as rich snippets, control the sitemap, and decide which pages are indexable. In addition, you can schedule regular SEO tests to analyze your site and detect problems early on.

    It’s easy to migrate from any other SEO plugin you may be using, so you don’t have to spend time updating old posts or changing settings.

    There is a basic free plugin, however, functionality is heavily restricted – there’s no Google Analytics integration and keyword rank tracking, and you won’t have the full range of schema types. Paid plans start at as low as $6.99/month and come with many more features than the free version.



    Clearscope is a renowned industry leader in content optimization. How it works is quite simple.

    You add your target keyword, and the tool provides guidance regarding word count, keyword density, and related keywords that will help your content outrank the competition. You’ll also get an overall content score, like a school report, indicating how well-optimized the content is, with A+ being the best. The content also gets a readability level and the total word count is displayed.

    Content can be written directly in the tool, and you can include freelancers or other staff writers on the same account. Within Clearscope, you can also complete a competitor keyword analysis by running a report on the target keyword or terms. The analysis scans the top 30 pages that rank for those search terms, and the resulting report shows you the top-ranking pages, the content grading of those pages, and search volume over time. The tool easily integrates with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and WordPress if you want to continue with both Clearscope and your original content editor.

    As for pricing, Clearscope is certainly a premium product, so there’s no free plan. Paid plans start at $199/month, rising to $599/month for advanced functionality, and there’s also a custom pricing option for enterprise-scale business needs.

    Little Warden

    Little Warden

    Little Warden automates SEO checks and can be connected with popular instant messaging tools like Slack or Messenger, so you’ll immediately be alerted if any website problems are found.

    With it, you can monitor not only your own website but also your clients’ websites, everything from robots.txt changes to domain expiration dates, and even a change in competitor pricing.

    Little Warden doesn’t offer a free plan, but all paid plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide it’s not for you. Prices start at $34.99/month, which is aimed at individuals with a maximum of 20 URLs monitored. For businesses that manage many clients, the Large Agency plan costs $199.99/month, which allows up to 5,000 URLs to be monitored.


    SE Ranking

    SERanking is an SEO tool perfectly designed with agencies in mind. It provides a broad functionality and gives you plenty of user seats for team members and clients to work collaboratively. And you can even customize reports to match client branding.

    With SERanking, you can complete detailed keyword research, monitor keyword ranking, check backlinks, and audit technical and on-page SEO. It’s a reliable tool for competitor research, and you can set automated website status checks to ensure no problems arise that can deindex your site. In addition, it comes with a content editor and SEO optimization tool that will score your content and give prompts to improve it.

    There isn’t a free plan with SERanking, but you can access a 2-week free trial before you commit to a paid plan. There are three pricing plans available that start at $55/month. However, this plan isn’t ideal for agencies with multiple clients and team members because it only allows one manager seat. The next plan costs $109/month and is better suited for agencies.



    Keyworddit is a keyword research tool that uses Reddit to pull the most popular keywords. Reddit is often recommended as a useful tool for its utility in gauging hot topics for generating content ideas and long-tail keywords – and this tool does the heavy lifting for you. There is one caveat, though: subreddits with limited activity are unlikely to produce many results.

    It’s a super simple-to-use, no-frills tool. Just enter your search terms and the tool will do the rest. Keyworddit is completely free to use for as many search terms as you want.

    Google SERPs

    Finally, we want to offer another option: the Google Search results page, the easiest and simplest tool to use for keyword research. It won’t break down the numbers of keyword search volume or anything technical, but the autocomplete and the People Also Ask section will give you insights into what people are searching for.

    It’s a no-frills option, but it’s free for all to access.

    Wrapping it Up

    As you can see, most of the tools require a paid subscription, but investing in SEO is a strategic move for any business. Moreover, SEO success involves time and meticulous planning, regardless of the tools used. And while it’s true that to get it right you should carefully develop a path forward and be methodical in your SEO process, it’s also possible to get SEO gains fast by using an SEO scorecard approach.

    Of course, you don’t have to do it alone – we at Powered by Search can work with you to develop a successful SEO strategy, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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