How We Think

How We Think

The Powered by Search team takes a unique approach to how we conduct business. We describe it using the acronym DELTA: Data, Expertise, Learning, Team, and Action. Our approach ensures that we make the best possible decisions for our clients and that our results are best in class.


The Powered by Search team believes in making solid decisions based on statistics and numbers. We use data, not just instincts.


We complement our data with knowledge and expertise in marketing, joining forces with the industry knowledge and expertise of our clients.


Our team constantly learns and stays up-to-date on the search marketing industry, ensuring that our methods and strategies are sound and future-proof.


We work together, as a team, to generate and validate ideas for our work and our clients, and get them into the wild to observe the results.


Powered by Search spends its time constantly improving the results we deliver for you. We like to have our actions do the talking for us.

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