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My 8 Secrets for Creating Shareable Content on Facebook

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You know the saying “Silence is golden”?  Well … the exact opposite is true for Facebook. There is nothing worse than putting great content on Facebook and getting silence in return. To put an end to the silence, we need to get real discussion and engagement going on. When your Facebook posts have more engagement, Facebook shows [...]

Daily Inbound Marketing Mashup: Video SEO (06/10/14)

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Welcome to our Tuesday Mashup! Videos, similar to your websites, can just as easily get lost in the world of the Internet.  Today we’ve gathered some of the surefire ways to make your videos fully search engine optimized. YouTube SEO: The Ultimate Guide by Brian Dean YouTube, being the second largest search engine, is an untapped traffic [...]

Daily Marketing Mashup 05/20/14

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Welcome back from the long weekend! To start off your beautiful workweek, we’ve got your daily dose of inbound marketing news. 4 Tips for Killer Calls to Action in Your Emails by Alexis Rodrigo You’ve got your email-subscribers list and you’re ready to start email blasting. Great. But are you missing something? Essential to email marketing [...]

Inbound Marketing Daily Recap 05/13/14

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It’s a big news day in the inbound marketing world of social media and apps. From the mute function on Twitter to ordering food from your smartphone on Square, here’s the recap for today. Square Removes Wallet From App Store, Brings Order to Life by Don Reisinger You will soon be able to avoid the [...]

5 Digital Marketing Contests that are Happening Right Now

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Social media engagement campaign can be an excellent way for companies practicing digital marketing to gain brand awareness, learn more about their customers, get valuable insights about consumer behavior and communicate their message. Let’s take a look at how some of the Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest contests are currently engaging their social media followings. 1. [...]

Why You Need The Marketer’s Guide to Facebook

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Doubtless you already know of Facebook’s advertising opportunities, if not in detail then at least generally. Even if your own brand isn’t on Facebook, you likely know from personal experience about the paid per click ads in the right side-bar, the promoted posts and the sponsored stories. That’s one way to use Facebook. There’s another [...]