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Guide to Google Analytics: Video Tutorial

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The latest addition to the Powered by Search YouTube channel is a video explaining Google Analytics for the year 2014. New additions have been explained and old ones have been touched as well. Humans are visual characters, for this reason we created a video tutorial explaining everything you need to know about navigating through your [...]

Top Three “New” SEO Strategies for 2014

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It seems barely a few weeks can go by without yet another panic rippling through the SEO sector, usually over some anticipated crackdown by Google on a tried and trusted link-building strategy. And the chief instigator of these waves of paranoia? The one and only, Matt Cutts. Oh, it’s no good. I love you really Matt. I can’t [...]

Google’s Top 20 Most Expensive PPC Keywords

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How does Google make its money? Believe it or not but 97% of Google’s revenue comes from pay per click (PPC) advertising through AdWords. People often wonder which are the most expensive keywords in Google AdWords. The list and infographic below indicate the 20 most expensive keywords and their top cost per click. Top 20 [...]

The 15 Best Inbound Marketing Infographics

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Infographics are a marvellous way of displaying data, knowledge, and analysis in a flashy bite-sized manner. They make learning fun and are easy to share with your network. Infographics are also great in breaking down intricate concepts such as inbound marketing and presenting them to newcomers in a friendly fashion. I’ve crawled around the web [...]

Types of Google’s Navigational Snippets: How to Get More Out of Your Search Position

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Traditionally Google had the cleanest search interface ever: Users could only see the linked title, two-line description of the target page, URL and search query in bold. Then Google decided to serve more to the user: In many cases, when they thought it made sense, they would tweak the search snippet so that it could [...]