Why Us?

Our Advantage

The Powered by Search team consists of passionate people who have years of marketing experience under their belts, are fluent in 6 different languages including Spanish and French, and come from many different walks of life. We are ambitious and driven, looking to provide only the best results possible for you and your brand.

We provide the results of a large agency, while giving you the agility and level of service of a boutique agency. We don’t hide behind account managers, so you can expect to speak with the experts who are delivering for your business day in and day out. Our experts are constantly seeking new knowledge and expanding their skills : our results come from keeping up with changes in the industry, and shifting strategies to match those changes and stay ahead of the game.

Our Story

Powered by Search started out as a tiny agency run solely by its founder, Dev Basu, while he was in school and working full time. It was officially incorporated in 2009, and has grown leaps and bounds. Click here to learn the full Powered by Search story.

Meet the Team

Our team is small and nimble, constantly growing through learning, experimenting, and observing different approaches to internet marketing. We are a hungry bunch who want to get the best results possible for our clients, and we draw upon our many years of experience with various aspects of inbound marketing to get the outstanding results that we are known for.


The Powered by Search team is platform agnostic – we are happy to work with your choice of web analytics software, bid management software, advertising platforms, and language or framework.

Join Our Team!

Skip the Job. Build a Career. We’re confident that we’ve got Canada’s most top-notch Search Marketing talent. If you’re hungry for knowledge, passionate, driven and ambitious, we invite you to join our team. Your advancement is determined by your level of initiative.

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