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AdWords’ Holiday Gift: Scripts Are Now Available for YouTube

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    The holiday gift-giving season has come a couple of weeks early. This week, AdWords announced that it’s releasing AdWords scripts support for TrueView and six-second bumper ads.

    Some of you reading this might be saying, “Wow, that’s great news!” Others might be scratching their heads and wondering how this news applies to them. Read on to learn how AdWords’ latest announcement can help your business.

    What Does This News Mean for You?

    This news is targeted specifically at companies that run video ad campaigns in AdWords, the most popular pay-per-click campaign service in the world.

    AdWords scripts are a way to access your AdWords campaign data by creating a program in JavaScript. You don’t need much knowledge of JavaScript. And being able to create scripts helps you automate everyday processes or interact with external data for as many campaigns as you need.

    Now, you’ll be able to run AdWords scripts for video ad campaigns, too. That means that you’ll be able to manage your video ad campaigns in the same place as you do Search, Display, and Shopping. You can carry out tasks such as reporting schedules, campaign development and campaign adjustments based on real-time factors (such as the weather).

    The scripts are now available for standard YouTube ad campaign types such as TrueView in-stream, TrueView discovery and bumper ads. Ultimately, AdWords hopes to expand these scripts to shopping campaigns.

    When Can You Start Using These New Scripts?

    Sometimes when tech companies make announcements about new releases, they’re letting everyone know something is in the pipeline, but it won’t be ready for consumption for a few months (or longer).

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    That’s not the case with the new AdWords scripts. You can start using them right now (yes, now. As in, this very second). AdWords released a handy guide that helps you run these scripts. The guide shows you which scripts enable you to retrieve video campaigns and ad groups, how to work with video ads and how to carry out video targeting.

    Why Are These Functionalities Important?

    These particular functionalities make digital marketing through video much easier. Let’s talk a little bit about how they’ll save you time and effort.

    When you’ve got a script to retrieve video ads and ad groups, you can see what ads you’ve run. What if you’ve run more than one ad in a given campaign? That’s where the ad groups functionality comes in; you can see all the ads in a group at one time.

    You can also retrieve your video ads using the videoAds() method of the VideoAdGroup. It returns the selector of all ads in the video ad group. If you’re familiar with that code and you feel it’s easier for you to use, AdWords gives you the freedom to do things the way you want.

    The third functionality, video targeting, is crucial for businesses who want to connect with the right customers. No firm offers everything to everyone – there’s a specific audience out there for your goods and services. The video targeting script allows you to take certain actions such as excluding platforms on which the video would otherwise appear and including or excluding audiences based on demographics.

    “For advertisers that programmatically manage their AdWords account, this finally brings video campaigns into the fold. Imagine linking a Weather-Based AdWords Script to a video campaign: Increase bids for a vacation travel video when it’s cold and dreary in Toronto, or activate a video campaign for a waterfront pool bar on a hot sunny day.”
    -Avi Gazit, PPC Manager