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Google Releases Recommendations for Getting Your Progressive Web Apps Indexed

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    Progressive web apps (PWA) give you the app experience without the app. They’ve exploded in popularity because they immediately engage your users, and give them something to do besides read text.

    These apps often take an enormous amount of work and contain a lot of information. So you want to make sure all your hard work and content is indexed by Google.

    So take your information straight from the source. Google recently released a list of best practices for web app developers, to ensure your PWAs are indexed.

    You can take a deeper dive by clicking here, or here’s a glance at the Do’s and Don’ts

    Tool/ Program/ AppTaskCost
    Sketch – sketchapp.comUX/ design prototypes$99 per user
    Flexitive – flexitive.comDisplay bannersUp to $1,284.00/yr
    Hotjar – hotjar.comLanding page heatmap, tracking
    Up to $7,068.00/yr
    Invision app – invisionapp.comDesign feedback, collaborationUp to $5,400.00/yr
    Adobe creative suite – Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign etc.Design, photo editing, vector graphic illustrationUp to $959.76/yr
    Conversion monk – conversionmonk.comExit pop implementation, trackingUp to $10,800.00/yr
    unbounce.comLanding page creation, split testing, trackingUp to $5,988.00/yr
    leadpages.netLanding page creation, split testing, trackingUp to $2,388.00/yr
    usertesting.comReal, user-based landing page feedbackUp to $7,500.00/yr
    shutterstock.comStock images, vectorsUp to $4,788.00/yr
    optimizely.comLanding page creation, split testing, trackingUp to $30,000/yr

    Looking to Develop a Web App?

    Again, when you put this much work into something, you want to make sure your app is getting indexed so it can be found. 

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