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How Google My Business’ New Graphical Summary Screen Will Help You

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    Google My Business revealed a new graphical import summary screen that helps you, “review a summary of your spreadsheet’s changes in the simplified import preview screen.”

    This can potentially be a massive time-saver and streamlined way to manage multiple locations.

    “We’re excited about the transparency Google My Business is providing in helping multi-location brands understand how their core data is affecting visibility in universal search and maps results,” said Dev Basu, CEO of Powered By Search.

    “When Powered by Search first started working on bulk imports for brands with 1000’s of locations, we had to create rigorous processes to share the change history of each upload with our clients. This new update simplifies all of that and we couldn’t be happier.”

    The import preview will warn you if there was any mistakes or issues in the spreadsheet, while giving you a bar graph to summarize your changes (if any). It also gives you a summary of how many of your locations will be affected by this upload.

    The new import is available now and you can see a screenshot of it below.


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