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InboundTO 33 Recap: Startup Success Stories

B2B SaaS Marketing Tips

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    InboundTO #33: Startup Success Stories was a night packed full of insight as some of Toronto’s finest entrepreneurs shared their experiences on transforming ideas into reality—and how marketing played a part in their success.

    Themes that stood out included:

    • The importance of putting your customer at the centre of every decision you make
    • Effectiveness vs. efficiency, and why it’s essential to focus on doing the right things instead of doing things right
    • The impact the team you build and grow with will have on the success of your business
    • The need to “outcare” the competition

    See below for the speakers, presentation recordings, and slide decks!

    Jordan McDonald
    1 Jordan


    Business Development

    Peace Collective



    “It’s tough to get started, it’s tough to get going as an entrepreneur—as a startup. There’s always that fear, there’s always that risk, there’s always that uncertainty on the other side of things.”

    Jordan is Head of Sales and Business Development at Peace Collective, a Toronto fashion startup best known for its “Home Is Toronto” and “Toronto vs. Everybody” swag. He is a driven sales professional that is focused on taking a consultative approach to every conversation.

    During his presentation, Jordan weaves a picture of the birth and rapid growth of a wholly Canadian brand with the dual purpose of making a positive impact on the community through it’s one-for-one business model. For every garment purchased, Peace Collective supports Breakfast for Learning, a Canadian non-profit, in providing two healthy meals and a snack to a child in the Canadian educational system.

    Jordan highlights social media, strategic partnerships, and capitalizing on the brand’s deep connection to Toronto as major influences on Peace Collective’s success.


    “Peace Collective: Jordan McDonald. Business Development. Proud Canadian.”


    Dev Basu

    LinkedIn | Twitter

    CEO & Founder

    Powered by Search



    “We cannot win if we do not care. We deeply care about the success of our team, our work, and the success of our clients. Indifference is not conducive to our mission or vision, even when things get tough.”

    Dev is a polymath who wears many hats; founder at Canada’s fastest growing digital marketing agency, Powered by Search, behavioural change author, speaker, and professor of marketing at Seneca College. He is best known as a digital marketing expert who helps companies double how fast they grow through better marketing.

    During his talk, Dev shares Powered by Search’s origin story—a story which began in his condo’s solarium back in 2009. Instead of focusing on individual tactics or campaigns, Dev takes a deep dive into the guiding values and beliefs that shaped the development of the agency.


    “Powered by Search: The Story of the Little Agency That Could”