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    B2B SaaS Writer Directory: Find Your Next Copywriter Here

    Last updated: February 6th, 2024

    In B2B SaaS, your target audience usually includes skilled and experienced senior decision makers, and individual contributors with a strong technical background.

    So when you decide to write content that speaks to these types of buyers, it needs to speak their language. Content that isn’t written by someone that has knowledge of your product and your customer’s needs will be easily ignored both by search engines and by visitors.

    If you’re looking for more support to accelerate your content creation process, then you need to choose a partner that knows your market.

    Below, we’ve compiled a directory of content experts and copywriters that specialize in serving B2B SaaS organizations.

    As always, be sure to do your research and vet for the writer that is best for your needs, but this list will get you started on your search.

    Clark Herman

    writer directory clark herman

    Clark is a B2B SaaS writer with 13+ years’ experiences in verticals like healthcare, pharma, and supply chain. He is adept at crafting whitepapers, case studies, design, product messaging, and writing video scripts with shot treatments. He loves distilling clinical studies and complex research into easy, elegant content. When Clark isn’t writing, he can be found in the wild playing drums.

    Harrison Atuokwu

    writer directory harrison atuokwu

    Harrison Atuokwu is a B2B SaaS content writer and copywriter with 5+ years of experience, specializing in crafting marketing copies for brands. He focuses on producing impeccable content that drives traffic to websites and has become a recognized authority in the field. He also excels as an SEO guru helping businesses optimize online visibility and performance.

    Holly Larson

    writer directory holly larson

    More than 20 years of experience developing strategic B2B content for technology marketing and PR agencies, startups, and enterprises. Industry experience includes consumer packaged goods, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. Topic expertise includes analytics, artificial intelligence, automation, autonomous driving/e-mobility, cloud, cyber, data center technology, data privacy and security, digital transformation, digital workspaces, edge computing, IT operations, machine learning, smart industry (buildings, cities, and vertical applications), sustainability, and more. Holly is based out of Durham, NC.

    Liz Melton

    writer directory liz melton

    Like many Stanford grads, Liz ventured into tech. She found her place at B2B SaaS companies, holding positions in customer success, partnerships, and operations. In 2019, she began freelance writing part-time, producing SEO-driven content for companies like Airtable, Talend, and Marketo. By 2022, she launched her own content strategy company.

    Today, she works closely with heads of marketing to develop case studies, thought leadership, social posts, and long-form guides. Select clients include PartnerStack, Kard, Navattic, Front, and Zapier. Outside of work, she consumes way too many true crime podcasts and hikes all over SoCal.

    Miguel Rebelo

    writer directory miguel rebelo scaled

    Hey, I’m Miguel, a SaaS writer. I’m here to help your audience understand how to solve problems. All while unpacking why your products and services are the best solution.

    I work with brands like Zapier, Softr and Personal AI to create content that moves people one step forward—be that setting up automation, creating a new app or training their own AI model. In turn, that becomes a follow, a newsletter sign-up or a click on your buy button.

    With curiosity, authenticity and a bit of AI-powered research, I can make your content attract your ideal prospects—without as many prompts or edits when compared with ChatGPT.

    Moira Alexander

    writer directory moira

    As the founder of Lead-Her-Ship Group, a digital content marketing agency, and PMWorld 360 Magazine, which has been named a top digital project management magazine since 2019, Moira Alexander is a well-recognized content strategist and thought leader.


    Leveraging her 17+ years of systems implementation experience, Moira has built an extensive portfolio of B2B SaaS content, writing for top-tier digital publications and software companies about and other niches including: Business Strategy & Operations, Change Management, EdTech, FinTech, Human Resources, IT Security, Leadership Development and Coaching, Project Management, Workflow and Collaboration.

    She has also been named a top global B2B thought leader and influencer in these categories.

    Muhammad Ahmad

    writer directory muhammad ahmad

    Ahmad is your go-to B2B SaaS writer for turning blog posts into conversion powerhouses. His expertise lies in creating tailored content that resonates with target audiences, turning readers into customers, and fuelling business growth for his clients. He’s collaborated with PlanRadar, MovingWaldo, Silent Beacon and many other notable B2B/SaaS companies.

    Nadira Bostic

    writer directory nadira bostic

    Nadira Bostic is a freelance SaaS and tech copywriter and content writer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nadira’s journey as a copywriter began at Temple University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in advertising copywriting in 2019. Now, Nadira writes blog articles, social media content, and emails that help B2B SaaS and tech companies promote their services and solutions while educating and inspiring their current and future users. When she’s not writing copy for her clients, Nadira loves watching game shows, writing stories, and spending time with her family and pets.

    Nicole Malczan

    writer directory nicole malczan

    Nicole Malczan is a professional content marketing writer with 10+ years of experience. She assists B2B SaaS businesses with their digital marketing content needs, from SEO to PPC, automation, and everything in between.

    Rachael Pilcher

    writer directory rachael pilcher

    Rachael is a B2B SaaS copywriter specializing in FinTech, AutoTech, and WorkTech. She’s also a full-time traveler, and a business mentor to other freelancers.

    Sarah Foley

    writer directory sarah foley scaled

    Sarah Foley is a freelance content writer based in Chicago. She has been writing blogs and web content for B2B SaaS companies and agencies since 2015. When she isn’t writing, Sarah enjoys reading, yoga, and travel.

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