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    11 Examples of the Best SaaS Demo Pages

    Last updated: February 23rd, 2024

    If your current B2B SaaS website’s demo request page is visually stale and not very effective and you need guidance to make improvements, we’ve got you covered with SaaS demo best practices in terms of structure and format.

    Explore our selection of the best SaaS demo pages to draw inspiration for creating your own high-converting demo request page. Let’s get right into it.


    Notion demo

    Notion is a project management and productivity platform where companies can manage all their documents and tasks efficiently. While they do offer a free account, it doesn’t come with the full range of features, which is why users can sign up for a demo.

    Their demo page includes the essential data collection form as well as some links to additional support, the Notion community, and where you can hire a certified consultant. Further down the page, there are social proof badges and three highlighted customer testimonials. The page has no imagery and cuts straight to the point, which is locking the visitor in for a demo.


    activecampaign demo

    ActiveCampaign is a popular CRM tool for managing and automating email marketing campaigns.

    They have a simple yet compelling demo page featuring a contact form designed to gather essential customer information. They outline what functionality you’ll get with the demo, while the trust badges further solidify the credibility of their product.

    In addition to requesting a demo, ActiveCampaign will let you trial the platform for free for 14 days – no credit card required.


    HubSpot demo

    HubSpot offers a versatile suite of features, spanning CRM, sales, and marketing tools. To explore its functionality and understand how it works, interested users can access a demo of the marketing software.

    The demo page includes an overview of the marketing automation software and the specific purposes served by its various features. The brief signup form asks for essential contact details and information about the visitor’s company, and there’s also an option to register for marketing blog updates on the same form.

    You’ll also find a popup chatbot functionality for additional, personalized support if visitors have any questions. At the very bottom of the page, there are more insights on why making use of the demo is worth it.


    Hootsuite demo

    Hootsuite is a specialized social media management platform where businesses and individuals can manage all their social networks under one roof. There is a 30-day free trial of the platform’s standard features, but if you want to test out the Enterprise functionality, you can request a demo.

    Their demo page outlines what you can expect from the demo and includes social proof badges and a few client testimonials. The signup form only has five fields to fill in and you can opt to prefill it with LinkedIn to speed up the process.


    qonto demo

    Qonto is a financial management software for automating and streamlining regular banking tasks. Interested visitors can choose to try the platform for free for 30 days or book a demo.

    The perk of scheduling a demo, as opposed to opting for the 30-day trial, is that you’ll receive customized guidance, which is explained on the page along with the other benefits of the demo. The signup form is short and sweet, followed by a carousel of testimonials and Qonto’s current rating on platforms like TrustPilot and the Apple iStore.


    Heap demo


    Heap is a powerful analytics platform that helps other SaaS companies better understand their customers to drive growth more effectively.

    Their demo page has two options for requesting and scheduling a demo – completing the signup form or engaging with the chatbot.

    They have a very basic signup form as well as a quick reminder of what pain points the platform can help you resolve. They mention that it will take one business day to process the request, and you can contact support for assistance at any point.


    databox demo

    Databox is a business analytics tool with detailed and customizable dashboards for tracking KPIs and other important metrics.

    Their demo request page includes a quick overview of what you can do with Databox and a client testimonial. The signup form is as quick and simple as it gets – the visitor only needs to enter an email address to start the process and schedule a demo.

    In terms of other options to get familiar with Databox, they also promote a free plan and a free trial. However, neither of these two options gives you the ability to test the full suite of features and functionality.


    remote demo

    Remote is a convenient HR management platform for, you guessed it, remote or distributed teams.

    Unlike the other examples shown here, they don’t have a separate demo page, but a popup form instead. By clicking on the Book Demo CTA, a form with only four fields to fill out pops up. This is probably the easiest method to collect contact information and move visitors along the funnel quickly.


    Figma demo

    Figma is a well-known, collaborative design tool for a wide range of web applications.

    They have chosen a very different approach to their demo page; first, you’ll see three videos that detail more about the platform and how it can be used most effectively. Further down the page, you’ll see a standard contact form, which can be used to submit a request for a demo or other queries, including technical support. Below that, you can choose to simply create a free Figma account.


    Asana demo

    Asana is a renowned project management platform that enables teams to collaborate and manage tasks smoothly to achieve effective communication across departments.

    Their demo access is greyed out in the background and ready to use immediately, but only after visitors submit some contact details and information about their business. The page also highlights the benefits users will experience by using the platform.


    Zendesk demo

    Zendesk is a customer support and CRM tool with a range of features that make customer and team communication easier.

    Their demo page is more interactive than the other examples here. Instead of a stock-standard signup form with all the fields on one static page, they step you through the questions one by one. Once you’ve answered all the questions, you can move straight into the product tours and other demos.

    It’s important to note that the demo is more of a guided tour video displaying how Zendesk can work for you. However, Zendesk also has a free 14-day trial and, conveniently, gives you hands-on access to all the features so you can test the platform yourself.

    What Do Best Practice Demo Pages Include?

    If a site visitor is on your demo page – congratulations, your CTA worked – but there’s still more to be done to ensure they follow through.

    A well-designed demo page should include the following:

    • A form (3-5 fields, not too long) to collect essential user information.
    • Details about what’s included in the demo and the expiration period, if relevant – but keep it concise, you don’t need to elaborate.
    • Highlights of how your product can resolve the user’s pain points, to reassure them that they’re making the right choice.
    • Customer testimonials or social proof.

    How to Drive More Demo Conversions

    Achieving an increase in demo conversions goes beyond simply following best practices. Let’s be fair, not everyone visiting your site is at a stage in their journey to sign up for a demo yet, but you do want to convert those who are interested and ready.

    In our experience, implementing an authority architecture framework for the overall website structure has proven to positively impact demo conversion rates. Additionally, it is essential to provide potential customers with sufficient information about your product to persuade them to request a demo. This involves creating well-crafted content that caters to customers at different stages of the sales funnel, as well as informative features and product pages.

    You can find out more about the best practices from our authority architecture framework so you can turn your SaaS website into a demand generation machine that attracts, engages, and converts your ideal customers.

    In Summary

    This collection of demo pages gives enough variety for inspiration. Whichever style of demo page you opt for, be sure to craft high-quality content to align with your marketing strategy and website framework. This ensures all the pieces of the puzzle work together and increases demo conversions.

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