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    10 Examples of The Best SaaS Landing Pages

    Last updated: January 19th, 2024

    As a marketer focused on improving your company’s online presence, you know how a well-designed landing page can impact conversion rates and revenue. Finding the balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality is key, so let us give you some inspiration.

    Here are 10 of the best SaaS landing page examples that have set the bar high in engaging and converting prospects. is a project management software that offers robust solutions for task management, HR, marketing, and general business operations, and their landing page has many of the critical features that make an effective SaaS landing page.

    It has an attention-grabbing headline that immediately captures visitor interest and a very simple, uncluttered design. The page also incorporates social proof badges and testimonials, but the best part is the simple and interactive comparison table that clearly outlines the differences between and other similar products.

    This landing page effectively answers all the questions those interested in a project management SaaS want to know. Additionally, they have CTA buttons strategically located in several places throughout the page to move the visitor along the sales funnel.



    ClickUp is in direct competition with as a project management software, which is why their landing page also highlights how their features stand out against Monday’s offerings. This is done through a neatly organized comparison table that’s both informative and easy to navigate.

    They have simple imagery and very little text crowding the page, while the customer testimonials and award badges boost their credibility. A standout feature is the practical CTA button that offers a seamless transition for users to import their account to ClickUp.



    Zapier is an application that allows workflow automation and makes various integrations possible. They’ve strategically created a landing page for each specific integration so that users can find the exact information they need.

    This landing page is specific to the Zapier integration for Keap, a platform for managing customer relationships. Naturally, anyone searching for Keap integrations will come across this landing page. It effectively showcases how Zapier enhances Keap’s functionality, detailing the range of integrations available.

    The page features trust badges from some of their major partners and call-to-action buttons for free sign-ups via your Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account. The content on the page is thoughtfully crafted with the customer’s pain points in mind and explains how each integration can be used and automated.



    SurveyMonkey is a tool designed for conducting and gathering survey results from a target audience. Unlike many landing pages, this particular landing page does include dropdown menus for additional pages in the header. However, it keeps the content on the page focused so the reader doesn’t get distracted. It jumps straight into the pricing plan options and a form to contact sales, efficiently guiding visitors toward making a decision.

    The page comprehensively details what you can do with SurveyMonkey tools and the various scenarios and situations you could use them for. Overall, it’s a good example of a very targeted landing page.



    Leadpages itself is a small website and landing page builder. Their main website has a lot of information, but this landing page provides a more streamlined approach.

    The main selling point is that you can build a landing page in 30 minutes or less using a combination of templates and AI technology. They include a short video explanation of the product as well as brief written content on what the product enables you to do.

    More crucially, they cover how Leadpages can resolve your problems and increase leads and sales. There are a couple of customer testimonials and a good distribution of CTA buttons.



    panda doc

    PandaDoc is a corporate document management system that streamlines organizing, sending, and tracking documents for e-signatures.

    This landing page is specifically built for the purpose of requesting a demo. It simply includes a demo request form, a short explanation of what you can do with PandaDoc, and some trust badges. It is plain and simple but very effective for users at a point in the sales funnel where they’re ready to commit just a little bit more.



    Wix is a well-known drag-and-drop website builder that gives almost infinite possibilities for website design. Of course, there’s some fierce competition in the world of no-code website builders, so the Wix team have created this landing page to help boost conversions.

    The first thing you see is a bold CTA to enter your email address and get started. But, as you scroll down, there are some sleek information blocks outlining how Wix can help you achieve your goals. The landing page is very minimalistic, with only a few images and CTA buttons, and it’s free from excess dropdown menus or unnecessary buttons.



    Typeform, as the name might suggest, was originally a form builder and has now sidestepped to provide the functionality needed for a landing page builder.

    This landing page gives you an interactive example that shows visitors how their forms work without leaving the page. They clearly explain how you can build high-converting landing pages, including custom forms. There are also customer testimonials to foster a sense of trust in the product. It’s clean and fuss-free – exactly how you want a landing page to be.



    Influencity is a platform where marketers can connect with industry-relevant influencers. Their landing page is built to encourage leads to sign up for a free trial.

    They run through general features that help you do what you need to and find the best influencers for your brand. They have one customer testimonial, social proof badges, and social media links so you can follow their account.



    Hurree promotes their product as a pinboard for your website analytics. It’s essentially a custom dashboard builder to help you display and analyze a wide range of metrics for your business.

    This Hurree landing page has a clear purpose to encourage visitors to enter their email addresses and create a free account. On the left-hand side of the page, the benefits of using Hurree dashboards are detailed in bullet points, and there’s a mention of customer reviews, but otherwise – that’s it. You can’t even scroll down for more information, this one is short and sweet.

    What Makes an Effective Landing Page?

    Overall, high quality SaaS landing pages can increase conversion rates and reduce the cost-per-acquisition. The goal of the page design should match the search intent, so you attract leads that have a strong chance of converting.

    Typically, the best landing page examples will have some or all of the following features:

    • A bold headline
    • A unique point proposition or call-to-action
    • Benefits of the product
    • Fast loading images or videos
    • Social proof
    • Simple design

    A key style of an effective landing page is simplicity and lack of clutter. You don’t want excess information or too many dropdown menus distracting the visitor from your main goal. The content should be easily scannable and images or videos need to be fast-loading, to avoid high bounce rates.

    Do You Need a Dedicated Landing Page?

    Of course, a good question to ask yourself early on is, “Do you even need a landing page?” In some cases, it’s possible to direct your PPC campaign towards your website instead of a landing page. But, not always.

    Generally, the deciding factor will be guided by the quality of your current website and the journey of your ideal customers. For example, with a high-converting website, you can guide qualified traffic toward your website. But if your website is not yet highly engaging, you’ll get more value out of a dedicated landing page. On the same note, you might consider making some improvements to your website to keep up with trends and customer expectations.

    Wrapping Up

    We’re pretty confident you’ve found plenty of inspiration within this collection of the best B2B landing page examples. That being said, landing pages are just one element of your content marketing strategy, so if you think your strategy needs improvement, our team is here to evaluate and offer tailored advice.

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