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How enterprise SaaS can pivot from a sales-led go-to-market to product-led GTM


Lots of companies want to move to product-led but very few know how to do this well. Here’s how we recently helped an enterprise SaaS plan their move to product-led

Show Notes

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Accompanying blogpost: How enterprise SaaS can pivot from a sales-led go-to-market to product-led GTM

Enterprise level SaaS companies with sales-led go-to-market functions sometimes ask us how they can change their go-to-market strategy to be product-led.

They’ve heard of enterprise businesses like Adobe and Heroku who moved from sales-led to product-led and are convinced that if they could only make that happen, they too would experience huge revenue growth and user adoption.

But because they’re organizations with complex decision making processes and, often, a low tolerance for risk, internal evangelists for the product-led GTM struggle to make any progress.

We were recently hired by one of the most recognizable names in SaaS to help them overcome this important challenge and plan out their pivot to a product-led strategy.

In this article, we’ll explore:
  • The reasons that sales led go-to-market is no longer the most effective model
  • How we helped an enterprise SaaS company rethink their go-to-market strategy to move to a product-led model
  • How to translate this fundamental change for the key functions in the organization
By the end of this article, you’ll have an understanding of how to build a roadmap for your organization to move from a legacy sales-led model to a product-led model that makes better opportunities for your sales team and drives more revenue overall.


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