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How to Harness Actionable Feedback Online

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As with everything in life there is a hard way and an easy way to harness feedback on your online and real world presence.  For the sake of this article we will focus on tackling the online beast, since that’s what I spend my working hours on. Before we start I recommend that you answer […]

SEO Experts You Should Follow

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I’ve been blogging for Powered by Search for almost two months now and while I have not nearly completed the learning curve I am happy to report that I no longer use Google to explain the concepts I encounter on my favourite blogs and social media feeds. I admit that this is far from being […]

Content Worth Sharing

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One of the biggest mistakes made by new bloggers and social media ‘gurus’ when creating effective content marketing is forgetting the importance of long-term thinking and strategy.  In an effort to get new followers quickly there is a real tendency to talk about the current ‘big thing’, which can work well in the short term but […]

Why You Should (or Shouldn’t ) Use List Blogs

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In my quest for SEO knowledge I have created a list of blogs to monitor daily.  I have been watching them closely looking for similarities, soaking in expertise, and at times being overwhelmed by the creativity of bloggers.  Trying to discover the subtleties of search I stumbled upon one of my own patterns: I open […]