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Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

How diversified is your campaign? Success cannot be found by focusing on one facet of digital marketing. Thanks to technologies progressing in leaps and bounds, audiences are progressively are reached via new technologies. Businesses and their digital marketing agencies have to keep up to stay relevant. We now have to keep track of numerous digital […]

Inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing

Are You Awesome? It’s difficult to capture someone’s imagination. Trends come and go yet it sometimes feels like some products and services become popular due to luck. However, this is not the case. The inbound marketing methodology ensures that your business will generate greater and cheaper leads in an organic fashion. It creates a win-win […]


Search Engine Optimization

Are you keeping up? Search is difficult. An ever-evolving algorithm has made it troublesome for companies to sustain search rankings. You must have a strong presence on every platform and channel  just to have a chance of being found, whether it’s through organic, local, mobile, or video search. You need to be everywhere. Being found […]

Local SEO

Local Search Optimization

Are you on the map? Being found on Google Local+ (formerly known as Google Places) can be frustrating and time-consuming for small businesses. However, over 40% of searches are local and 80% of all mobile searches for local services and products, not being ‘on the map’ means you are losing business every time someone searches […]


Paid Search Marketing

Pay per click Advertising (PPC) PPC plays an essential role to any online marketing campaign, and can help business owners achieve great results with low fixed costs. Defined simply, advertisers display advertisements on search engines such as Google and Bing and pay whenever someone clicks on those ads. This straight forward process allows users to […]

Conversion rate optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

How well are you converting? How do your conversion rates stack up against your competitors? Have you heard about A/B testing, landing page optimization, and conversion rate optimization and more importantly have you put these into practice? Every day that you spend not optimizing your sales funnel for better conversions, is a day in which […]

Website design and development

Website Design & Development

Websites are judged on aesthetics and experience. When a user lands on your website, they are making snap judgments about you and your business based on the design of your website. A professional design can make the difference between a customer conversion and a customer hitting the back button. Bad design scares people away. Have […]

Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

How social is your business? Social media has emerged as an important aspect for any business: a direct channel for engagement between your business and your customers. Unfortunately most brands don’t know how to measure their returns from social media, nor do they have a defined approach to creating content for it. Due to the […]

Email marketing

Email Marketing

How effective is your email campaign? Email is still the most popular method of online communication, used by more than 90% of adult internet users. Most companies use email as part of their marketing campaign, but few do it effectively. You can blast your email list with newsletters and offers all you want, but if […]

Online reputation management

Online Reputation Management

It only takes hours to lose years of work. The internet is a vast, untamed world where anyone can publish anything at any time. It takes years and years to build a positive reputation for your brand, but it may take one negative article or blog post and a matter of hours to destroy that […]

Web analytics and call tracking

Web Analytics & Call Tracking

Are you measuring correctly? At the core of every internet marketing campaign is a web analytics solution, a suite of software that measures the visits to your site, demographic information of your visitors, how those visitors interacted with your site, and the cost of customer acquisition. However, many brands don’t follow best practices for these […]

Conference speaking

Conference Speaking

  When you hire Powered by Search for your next conference or corporate event you’ll be delivering an unparalleled experience to your audience. At Powered by Search, every presentation experience is tailored specifically to the audience’s unique industry challenges and goals. Drawing from both technical and theoretical knowledge of digital marketing, along with real life […]


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  Services   What services does Powered by Search offer? Answer: We offer exceptional service in the fields of: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local Search Optimization (Local SEO), Paid Search Marketing (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics & Call Tracking, Website Design & Development, Conversion Rate Optimization, SEO Conference Speaking, Online Reputation Management, and Email […]

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