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3 Methods to Get Bloggers to Link to You

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The ability to understand user behavior in a specific sector is a good marketing skill you’ll want to enhance this year. It can help you identify what type of content resonates with your target audience and can amplify the reach of the brand you’re representing (as more users are being compelled to share and link to [...]

An Interview with A.J. Ghergich: the Importance of Content in Digital Marketing

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A.J. Ghergich is the founder of Ghergich & Co., a marketing agency that focuses on integrating SEO, social media and content marketing. His past experiences include running his own consulting agency and an ecommerce enterprise. In this interview with Powered by Search, A.J. talks about his @SEO Twitter handle, shares his approach to visual content creation, and gives [...]

5 Branding Tips to Improve Your Business

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Somewhere between SEO and marketing automation, businesses are forgetting about branding. Yes, SEO carries the most fundamental aspect of branding – positioning. And yes, the funnel has become more sophisticated with predictive algorithms but where are those neurological, astronomical, tribal allegiances we used to hear about? Businesses grow because of their brands’ ability to be [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation

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This blog post contains edited excerpts from our free whitepaper: The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation. Get the full guide for more details on how to generate leads and grow your business. You have an awesome product or service to sell. You’ve laboured intensively over your website, turning it into a masterpiece of web design. [...]

Content Marketing Meets Public Relations

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With the year quickly winding down, many experts are chiming in on their predictions for the upcoming year. Marketing Mag is no exception. They recently published an article featuring prominent Public Relations (PR) agencies with their 2014 predictions. The over-arching theme of post was the importance of content marketing. While I can’t say this is [...]

20.14 Epic Content Marketing Ideas

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With 2014 fast approaching, now is a good time to start thinking about your content marketing strategy for the coming year. The following 14 tips will help you generate truly epic content marketing ideas and develop a powerful content marketing strategy for 2014. Use these content ideas 1. Conduct a survey Use SurveyMonkey or Toluna [...]