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With Great Content Comes Great Rewards

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Here at Powered by Search we believe that consistent and amazing content will push our organisation into the forefront of Canada’s top SEO companies. With this, our valued employees produce great content with an exciting incentive…. $1000 CASH. And what better way to receive such a reward than have the bosses make it rain! Here […]

Writing Clickable Headlines: An Easy 3-Step Formula

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In the world of Content Marketing writing a great headline is equivalent to gold.  First impressions count in everything you do.  Without a great headline, your readers just won’t click!  If your audience doesn’t click, there goes your online presence down the drain.  This is why writing timeless clickable headlines is the only first impression you would […]

How to Sustainably Grow Your Traffic Through Content Marketing

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Most marketing managers aren’t worried about content, they’re worried about driving leads. The more web savvy you get, the more you start asking questions like, “where do my leads enter my site,” and, “how do I create interest in my brand that drives potential customers to my website?” You might know these as preferred landing […]

Daily Inbound Marketing Mashup: Majestic Content Marketing (05/27/14)

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Brush up on your content marketing skills with today’s Marketing Mashup! How To Syndicate Your Blog by Albert Costill You may spend a lot of time producing excellent pieces of content, but your success may be limited to a small audience. With content syndication, you can have your content featured by large publications, increasing your […]

Daily Inbound Marketing Mashup: Content Marketing Bonanza (05/22/14)

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Content marketing is definitely a hit in the world of digital marketing. Banners are so yesterday. Scroll down for today’s 4 hottest topic on content marketing! Modular Content – Creative Repurposing for Content Marketing by Lee OddenWe’ve all been there when it hit. Writer’s block. It’s hard to be creative on demand, and even harder to create original creative pieces […]