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InboundTO 21 Recap: How to Create Amazing Landing Pages

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On November 20 2014, the 21th InboundTO event took place at the BNOTIONS headquarters in downtown Toronto. This month’s InboundTO played host to lively discussions and presentations o “How to Create Amazing Landing Pages that Actually Convert.” What an awesome night of landing page fun. Firstly, a great big thank you to Tim Paige from LeadPages […]

Unlock Your Landing Pages’ Potential at InboundTO on Nov. 20

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Have you ever wanted to see higher conversion rates from your landing pages? Who am I kidding, of course you have! If you want to learn how, you don’t want to miss out on Powered by Search’s monthly meetup, InboundTO. We’re Hosting the Event You’ve Been Looking For InboundTO 21 : How to Create Amazing Landing Pages that […]

5 Ways to Convert Millennials to Your E-commerce Store

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What Are Millennials: Consumers born between 1980 – 2000; usually glued to an electronic device and follows trends like it’s a trend. The reason we are talking Millenials (Generation Y) is not just because they have finally gone back to school, but because the Gen Y market has grown to a $200 Billion market. Not […]

The 6 Keys for Effective Calls to Action

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You want to know what the best calls to action (CTAs) have in common and how you can take advantage of those strategies for your own CTAs? You’ve come to the right place: this guide outlines the components of effective calls to action and provides many examples. 1. Clutter-free and simple First of all, effective […]

The 15 Website Must-Haves

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A successful website does three things: It gets people to the website. It gets people to stick around after the first glance or two. It gets people to convert or perform the action(s) you want them to while on the website. In order to achieve all three goals, there are 15 crucial elements your website […]