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Search Tips of the Week: Google Authorship, Search Marketing & Facebook Subscribers

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This week Canada-wide drug raids resulted in 103 arrests tied to a multi-million dollar drug trafficking ring, Hurricane Sandy`s battering of the Caribbean and North America caused billions of dollars in damage and many deaths but is bringing out countless local heroes, the clash between rebel and government forces in Syria is continuing to claim […]

Search Marketing Insights is Now On AllTop

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Oh Gee, I’m Featured on Seo.Alltop.Com It’s nice to know I kick ass, or at least that the folks at Alltop think I do. I wonder if there’s some sort of AllTop optimization in the works, and if there’s a better way to rank in what seems to be an ever-growing list. That said, it’s […]

How To Manage the Impossible Client

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  Dealing with Hard To Please Clients Search marketing, just like any other business, has its peaks and valleys that make it both rewarding and frustrating to be to be an SEO at time. I find it rewarding and motivating to help my clients who have little or no business being generated online gain new […]

7 Offline Local Search Link Building Tips for Small Businesses

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Link Building For Local Businesses Most local businesses don’t make their sales online. Their customers walk through the doors, talk face to face, and that is the traditional nature of commerce. That said, a local business website is a great way to get those customers in the door, after they find you through relevant local […]