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My 8 Secrets for Creating Shareable Content on Facebook

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You know the saying “Silence is golden”?  Well … the exact opposite is true for Facebook. There is nothing worse than putting great content on Facebook and getting silence in return. To put an end to the silence, we need to get real discussion and engagement going on. When your Facebook posts have more engagement, Facebook shows [...]

5 Digital Marketing Lessons Taught By Transmedia Storytelling

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Transmedia Storytelling is no new phenomenon, but as social media and mobile marketing grow in popularity, more companies have been using this digital marketing tactic as a way to integrate their brand for, and with, consumers. Digital Marketing doesn’t involve just social media, and while storytelling alone is a great way to improve your social [...]

Digital Marketing 101

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Does it seem like marketing is rapidly changing? Like the new era is all about screens? Smart phones, tablets, laptops? Today’s world is a never-ending stream of screen to screen interaction. Even if you lift your head from your screen, you won’t be able to escape it. Digital marketing is everywhere, it is the engine [...]

Daily Marketing Mashup 05/20/14

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Welcome back from the long weekend! To start off your beautiful workweek, we’ve got your daily dose of inbound marketing news. 4 Tips for Killer Calls to Action in Your Emails by Alexis Rodrigo You’ve got your email-subscribers list and you’re ready to start email blasting. Great. But are you missing something? Essential to email marketing [...]

7 Reasons You Need The Marketer’s Guide To LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a great professional tool, for not only individuals but businesses as well. Here are 7 reasons to download The Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn and start incorporating the professional networking site into your marketing strategy. 1. Reap the benefits of inbound marketing LinkedIn is an easy way to advertise your business according to the [...]