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5 Digital Marketing Contests that are Happening Right Now

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Social media engagement campaign can be an excellent way for companies practicing digital marketing to gain brand awareness, learn more about their customers, get valuable insights about consumer behavior and communicate their message. Let’s take a look at how some of the Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest contests are currently engaging their social media followings. 1. [...]

Why You Need The Beginner’s Guide To Twitter

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When George Clooney said that famous people on Twitter were morons, he clearly hadn’t done his research. Twitter can be a powerful tool, for celebrities and businesses alike. If you’re a business owner or a marketer and you’re taking a Clooneyesque attitude towards Twitter, you’re missing out. In this post I’ll cover three examples of [...]

4 Ways the Twitter IPO Alters the Future of Digital Marketing

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Twitter Post -IPO and your digital marketing strategy

Yesterday, Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) had its long awaited IPO. From a price of $26, to opening at $45.10, then closing at a price of $44.90(an increase of more than 70% from its original IPO price!). For its first day of trading, investors couldn’t get enough of the prized social platform’s stock. Twitter’s first-ever tweet (made by [...]

Search Tips of the Week: Grow Your Business with Twitter

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This search tips of the week edition features articles on how to grow your business with Twitter, which metrics matter for SEO and social media, a resource guide to link building, a series of link building-related low hanging fruits, as well as the 7 most important copywriting skills you should know. We’re also featuring today’s [...]