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    12 Amazing Chrome Extensions Designers Need to Have

    Last updated: May 4th, 2023

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    Need to free up some time?

    Are you wasting time on manually testing the responsiveness of a new website project? Or saving images and importing them to Adobe Photoshop, or another photo editor, to get pixel dimensions of an image? Or using spell check in Microsoft Word before drafting an email, article or post in your web browser?

    These things, among many others, are wasting your valuable time. Get back to being a superstar designer by integrating these great time-saving tools into your Chrome browser. So, get your clicking finger ready as I lay out the following list of amazing chrome extensions that are truly the best-of-the-best to make your workflow way more efficient!

    Pinterest chrome extension

    1. Pin it!

    If you’re a designer like myself, who is addicted to sharing inspiration, collecting ideas, trends and designs, you better download this tool to your chrome extensions right away. It’s a huge time-save and makes ‘pinning’ very easy!

    Whatfont chrome extension

    2. WhatFont

    I use WhatFont on a daily basis. It quickly identifies what font is being used on a website if the text is formatted by html. I like it because I can instantly identify font’s I like, confirm a brand font, find font sizes and colours. It’s extremely useful.

    pare ruler chrome ext

    3. Page Ruler

    This is another BIG time-saving tool. With the click of the icon in the extensions bar, this handy tool lets you hover on webpage elements and take their measurements in pixels values. A really fantastic tool for web designers.

    Grammerly chrome extension

    4. Grammarly

    Grammarly is a spell-checking tool that applies to all text written in your browser. I believe everyone should have this installed and running at all times. Enough said.

    ColorPick chrome extension

    5. ColorPick

    Another fantastic and fairly straight-forward chrome extension – ColorPick does exactly that… when you hover with your mouse on pixel of colour on a website, it will identify the hexadecimal colour code for your use.

    Notable chrome extension

    6. Notable

    I use Notable to give clients and co-workers access to mark-up revisions on my web design comps. This handy tool extension allows you to 1) Capture Visible Screen or 2) Capture Entire Screen and import the images to your notable account. It eliminates a couple of steps in the process, making this a handy extension!

    Web Developer chrome extension

    7. Web Developer

    This chrome extension is kind of like your “inspect element” feature, but offers quick access to fill all forms, view/edit css, clear cache, mark links visited/not visited, resize window and many many more! In a crunch, this extension is very useful!

    Responsive Inspector chrome extension

    8. Responsive Inspector

    The responsive inspector is a cool extension that resizes your window to a pre-defined browser size to mock responsive views in one swift click!

    browserstack chrome ext

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    9. Browserstack

    My main use for the Browerstack extension is testing and debugging IE8 compatibility when I’ve working on developing new sites. Browserstack in general, allows testing on different browsers, just like its name, implies.

    Last Pass chrome extension

    10. Last Pass

    As a web designer/developer here at Powered By Search, we an have upwards of 10-20 projects on the go at any given week and hundreds that we work on. All these sites have different logins and I use this AMAZING extension to keep track of all of them!

    Lipsum Generator chrome extension

    11. Lipsum Generator

    I love this extension because it provides me with Lorem Ipsum for my wireframing and comping needs at the touch of the button. It’s a fairly basic extension but allows me to select how much ipsum text I need and copies it to my clipboard for quick use.

    Gmail chrome extension

    12. Gmail

    I use Google apps for all my email and cloud storage needs. This extension gives me a preview of how many emails I have NEW in my inbox by display the number in the icon. Great tool for staying on top of your work, without logging into your account in your browser.

    I hope you have enjoyed reading about my collection of chrome browser extensions for designers! My goal is to save you some time in your day so you have more time to do what you do best. If you have any more extensions in your own toolbox, please feel free to list them below! Or give us a call if you need to sharpen up your design efforts. Thanks!

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