25 Landing Page Elements for Increased Conversion Rates

Whether you are just starting to plan your landing page or you’re about to launch an existing design, consult this list of elements. You might be pleasantly surprised to find some unobvious ones that may compliment your business and increase your conversion rates.

1. Logo

Everybody knows that you need to have a logo on your page. Whether it’s in the left-hand corner or in the middle of the page, company’s logo is always there. But have you ever thought of why? Usually, it’s main purpose is to let the visitors know whose page they have actually landed on. Once they confirm their destination, visitors can continue exploring the page.

Landing page elements - logo

Source: MailChimp

2. List of Features

Add a list of product or service features to give your visitor some more details of what they will actually get after the purchase. Describe what your offering does in the form of a list or include icons to represent each feature.

Landing page elements - List of features

Source: Positionly

3. List of Benefits

Aside from learning what your product does, your landing page visitors are also anxious to learn how it can solve their problems. Use words or images to paint a picture, but make sure you always focus on your customers, not on product features. Below is how Noticed App caters to their visitors by addressing them and their potential concerns in their benefits list.

Landing page elements - List of benefits

Source: Noticed App

4. List of Clients

Showcasing your clients’ logos on a landing page is a great way to improve your credibility. If well-known and recognized companies trust you with their money, why shouldn’t everybody else? If you have an established buyer persona, you can showcase brands from your client portfolio that operate in the same industry for better recognition and increased conversions.     

Landing page elements - List of clients

Source: uberVU

5. Competitor Comparison Table

You know who your competitors are and the reasons you are better than them. Why not save some time for your visitors and tell them exactly why they should choose your product over another one. Do you have more features? Competitive pricing? Extra customer service? Organize it in a table for a strong visual effect and highlight your advantages.

Landing page elements - Competitor comparison table

Source: The Economist

6. Real Customer Testimonials

Want to know how your company is performing? Allow your customers to submit their feedback right on your website through a form using their social media accounts. Then use those real-time testimonials on your landing page. This social proof element reduces visitor uncertainty about your product as they see real customer reviews. This might not be for everyone, but if you’re confident enough in your product or service, this trick can easily turn your visitors into paying customers.

Landing page elements - Customer testimonials

Source: Mixpanel

7. Pricing

Any visitor looking for a solution online wants to know the price of your product or service. But don’t just tell them how much your product costs. Give them three options to choose from. Offer packages depending on how advanced they need the product to be and list different features each package has. This way you can shift visitor’s focus from “Do I need this product?” to “Which version of the product do I need?”


Source: Florian Peninor on Dribble

8. Company Team Photo

By putting real human faces of your team members on your landing page, you are letting visitors know that your company is not operated by some robots. Introduce your team with some photos, names, titles and short bios. This  way your future customers can be familiar with people responsible for the product they are using.

Landing page elements - Team photos

Source: Teamwork

9. Video Customer Testimonials

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth at least twice as much. Do you have a great current customer who sends you thank you notes for your services? Ask if you can record a short video of them saying a few words of appreciation. Just make sure that it looks as natural as possible. It’s usually very easy to spot a staged testimonial, and a scripted video can do more harm than good.

Landing page elements - Video customer testimonials

Source: CauseVox

10. Expert Testimonial

This is another form of feedback that you could use on your landing page. If an industry expert is one of your customers, don’t be shy to approach them and ask for some positive feedback. Subtle name dropping can help you score a few additional points on your credibility scale.

Landing page elements - Expert testimonial

Source: Impress

11. As Seen On /Featured In

They say tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.  If your company has been featured on a well-known and recognized platform, either in traditional media or online, you can mention it on your page. People tend to be more trusting towards sources they are familiar with, therefore  associating your brand with other strong brands can positively affect your reputation.

As seen on2

Source: UrbanSitter

12. Available At

If your product is not available for an immediate purchase on your landing page, let visitors know where they can conveniently buy it. After all, you’ve been proving your advantages, credibility and trustworthiness with multiple other elements, it would be crazy to let your visitors go just like that. Make sure that those who are interested in giving you their money, have an opportunity to do so.

Landing page elements - Available at icons

Source: Taasky

13. Case Studies

Featuring case studies on your landing page is a great way to show that your product or service was successfully implemented by others, how it was done and what was achieved as a result. From your visitors’ perspective this is a great element, because it’s one thing to be told what capabilities the product has, but it’s very different to see the proof that it’s working for others.

Landing page elements - Case studies

Source: Visual Website Optimizer

 14. Contest Announcement

Give your visitors an additional reason to complete your CTA by inviting them to participate in a contest. People love getting more for less, and offering them an attractive bonus as a additional incentive can help you get more leads and sales.

Landing page elements - Contest Announcement

Source: Hoosier Motor Club

15. Contact Us Form

Contact us form is a great way to turn a plain page into a communication channel. Give your visitors an opportunity to be heard by inviting them to start the conversation instead of directly selling to them. The more forms get filled, the more leads your business gets. Plus, when you reply to the incoming message, you already know what questions and concerns to address.

Landing page elements - Contact us form

Source: Collective Ray

16. Customer Counter

Make it easy for your visitors to make a decision and follow your call-to-action by letting them know how many other people have already signed up, purchased a product or became a part of the program. This is a great way to decrease perceived risk and drive conversions.

Landing page elements - Customer counter

Source: Snitch

17. Interactive Product Demo

If your product or service can be easily demonstrated on your page, use this feature to give your landing page visitors a sample experience of the offering. Not only this type of demo decreases perceived risks, it also provides a proof of efficacy by showing exactly how the product will work after the purchase.

Landing page elements - Demo

Source: img.ly

18. Editor’s Review

Approach an editor of a reputable source to try your product or service in exchange for a review. If they like it, not only can you publish the review on your landing page to increase credibility, you will also get additional traffic from the reputable source. Remember, people buy from people, so if the review is positive and the person reviewing is an authority in the community, you’re more likely to get high quality leads as a result.

Landing page elements - Editor's review

Source: Screenmailer

19. Recent Feature Icon

If your product or service has been recently improved, let your visitor know by emphasizing one particular feature. Whether it is simply a “NEW and IMPROVED” or “Now Featuring iPad & Android Support” like in the example from Magento below, make it stand out and draw attention.

Landing page elements - Feature icon

Source: Magento Commerce

20. Limited Offer Counter

One of the great techniques you can use to increase your landing page conversion rate is to create the sense of urgency. Let your visitor know that the product is only available for a limited time or that there is a special offer that they can take advantage of. Right now.

Landing page elements - Limited time counter

Source: Tassimo

21. Live Chat

Live chat element is another way to show your visitors that their questions and feedback matters. Even though only 5% of them might take advantage of this option, it makes your company to be perceived as a real operating business with real customer support function.

Landing page elements - Live chat

Source: FluidSurveys

22. Privacy Policy

Nobody likes taking unnecessary risks. Make it easier for your visitors to trust you by emphasizing a risk-free transaction. Tell them exactly what’s going to happen once they click a button. Answer their questions and objectives even before they have them and you will be perceived as a caring, thoughtful and attentive partner.

Landing page elements - Privacy policy

Source: Appcase

23. Product Image

Also known as a “hero shot”, a good quality product photo attracts attention and makes your visitors want to make a purchase. If you can also show a major product feature in the same image, similar to how Square did it , it will also act as a product demo and will help your visitor understand product functionality better.

Landing page elements - Product image

Source: Square

24. Security Seals

With credit card fraud being on the rise, your customers want to be 100% sure that the transaction made on your site will be secure. There are many third party services you can use to make sure that your payment options are audited, certified and confirmed to be absolutely safe. Include those security seals on your landing page and you will see an increase in purchase numbers.

Landing page elements - Security seals

Source: Backupify

 25. Social Media Sharing Buttons

It is possible that the person that landed on your page is not your ideal customer or is just simply not ready to purchase your product or service yet. Technically, this visit decreases your conversion rates. At the same time, they might know somebody who is more interested. By giving those visitors an opportunity to tell their friends through social media, you are creating an additional traffic source of potentially qualified leads.

Landing page elements - Social sharing buttons

Source: Snitch


The level of complexity of you landing page will depend on multiple factors including your industry, product, ideal customer, perceived risks, price, etc. However, always think about what you’re trying to achieve with that page. Ask yourself a question: “What would I like to see as a result?” Your landing page can be as complicated or as simple as you want,  but if you will think about your audience and their interaction with the page first, you are more likely to build a page that converts visitors to leads and eventually to customers.