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    AdWords’ Price Extension Helps You Show Searchers Your Price and Sale Prices

    Last updated: July 19th, 2016

    The latest update to AdWords’ ad extensions allows you to immediately grab your would-be customers’ attention.

    The price extensions will help drive more qualified clicks and allow you to showcase the price or price range of any of your goods or services, right at the exact moment people are searching for them.

    You should see these price extensions in all English AdWords accounts over the next few days.

    AdWord’ Price Extension

    How Do Price Extensions Work?

    These price extensions show as rows, and each given row features a type of product or service, as well as its description and price. You will then link each price to a given landing page, and can change prices to reflect temporary sale prices or promotions.

    “For time-sensitive offers like promotions and sporting events, you can create multiple price extensions with corresponding start and end dates to ensure your prices remain accurate,” said Google in their blog.

    “However (if) you plan to use price extensions, make sure the information is relevant to your keywords and consistent with the types of products or services you’re advertising.”

    You can start from the Ad extensions tab, where you can manage, schedule, and report on price extensions. You can also provide more general information about your offerings at the account or campaign level, and more detailed information at the ad group level.

    Want to Add Price Extensions to Your Campaign?

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