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    AdWords Biggest Update in 15 Years Has Expanded, Responsive Ads & Device Bidding

    Last updated: July 28th, 2016

    Google has released 3 much-hyped AdWords updates that they’re calling “the biggest update to our ad creative since we introduced AdWords more than 15 years ago.”

    The updates are designed to meet advertisers needs, as the global shift towards mobile-first search continues to dominate the market.

    This latest update includes:

    • Expanded Text Ads
    • Responsive Display Ads
    • Device Bidding

    Here is a closer look at each feature, and what it will mean to you.

    Expanded Text Ads

    (Before and after the new text ads)

    (Before and after the new text ads)

    The first and most exciting update is that advertisers will now be less confined, with more room for text. You can now write two headlines at 30 characters each, and one long 80-character description line. That’s huge and nearly 50% more ad text.

    These expanded fields have already yielded great results for companies like beauty industry giant, L’Oréal.

    “Expanded text ads represent a tremendous opportunity for L’Oréal and our agency iCrossing. We’re now able to showcase the breadth and depth of our beauty products, and build brand love — all from a single ad creative. So far, expanded text ads have helped us deliver a 92% increase in click-through rate for one of our brands, compared to our old text ads,” said Kirsty Woolley, Multi Channel Acquisition Manager at L’Oréal Luxe.

    The old ad space was a great exercise in copywriting, as it forced advertisers to list nothing but the client benefits in the headline to grab a searcher’s attention. But the new specs should lead to far, far less frustration from advertisers.

    Responsive Ads

    Google is also helping your ads by letting them adapt to where they’re being displayed. The new update gives the ads a responsive ability, to make sure they fit seamlessly in more than two million apps and websites on the Google Display Network (GDN).

    Google claims that one of their early adopters,, saw a 56% higher conversion rate and a 55% decrease in CPA as a result of more responsive ads.

    Device Bidding

    Advertisers can now set individual device bid adjustments for smartphones, computers, and tablets. Or they can simply use Google’s automated Smart Bidding. Soon, you will also be able to use Smart Bidding to set specific CPA goals for specific devices.

    What Does This Mean for Advertisers?

    These changes mean your ads have more potential, if you’re already doing the right things. Expanded texts fields can give you more room to address clients’ pain-points or miss the mark completely, depending on how you use the space.

    Likewise, a more responsive ad can make sure your good work is being properly displayed on all devices, or it can simply make an ineffective ad look slightly different.

    These updates are great news for people who are already doing the right things, and they should see some sort of uptick in results. If you’re not running a successful campaign, these changes probably won’t help you, as your ppc creatives and ppc tactics may be the problem.

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