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You Can Now Send LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Yourself, Without an Account Rep

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    LinkedIn is making it easier for you to send sponsored direct messages, which gets you directly into your target market’s inbox at a scaleable price.

    Previously, you could send sponsored direct messages via LinkedIn. But you had to go through  a LinkedIn account representative who would create a Sponsored InMail. Now, you can send them via The LinkedIn Campaign Manager, which you will also use to track the message’s metrics and its performance.

    Create Your Own Sponsored InMail Campaign

    “Now you can create and manage your Sponsored InMail campaigns along with other self-serve products, including Sponsored Content and Text Ads, directly through Campaign Manager using your advertising account with LinkedIn,” said LinkedIn in a blog post.

    Another key benefit is these messages are responsive, so your call-to-action button will be properly accessible on both desktop and mobile viewing. Also, there’s no character limit, so you won’t feel restricted when crafting your message.

    “Sponsored InMail is our highest performing channel for registrations. With other ad products we haven’t seen nearly as many qualified leads,” Hannah Cates, a Marketing Coordinator at Vistage.

    How Do I Send a Sponsored InMail

    Again, you can now do this yourself, right from your Campaign Manager, by:

    1. Opening your Ad Account
    2. Clicking “Create campaign” and selecting “Sponsored InMail”
    3. Choosing your target audiences from their list of 16
    4. Setting your campaign budget goals

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