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Convince Your Boss To Send You To InboundCon 2016

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    They say bosses only listen to “WIIFM”… What’s in it for me?

    If you’re wondering how to convince your boss to send you to InboundCon, you simply have to show them the benefits and make a business case for the return on investment. That’s speaking their language.

    To help you make that case, we’ve provided the following email template and letter template to present the value that InboundCon presents to your boss and your company. Feel free to customize it, as needed.

    InboundCon 2016 Convince Your Boss Template



    Subject: InboundCon 2016 Conference Proposal

    I’m writing for approval to attend Toronto’s #1 Digital Marketing Conference, InboundCon 2016, on October 6th in Toronto.

    The most accomplished minds in digital marketing will be there this year, including gurus from search, social advertising, content marketing, full-stack marketing, growth hacking, landing pages, inbound marketing, conversion optimization, PPC advertising, digital marketing and more.

    The theme this year is “Full Funnel,” with a high focus on how to convert and nurture leads at every phase of the sales funnel, with proven tactics for everything from the top to the bottom. Some of the speakers include Chris Stolz from Adobe, and Michael Aagaard from Unbounce.

    My goal is to return to work with new insight and new tactics that can help us better cultivate our leads, and prevent them from falling out of the funnel.

    I think attending InboundCon would help with every single project we’re running now, particularly:

    – [add project or initiative]

    – [add project or initiative]

    – [add project or initiative]

    I plan to take detailed notes and to network with other smart marketers there.  When I come back I will share my notes with the team and create an action list on what things I learned that we can immediately implement to our marketing initiatives.

    Here’s an approximate breakdown of conference costs:

    Airfare: $ xx

    Transportation (between airport and hotel): $xx

    Hotel: (1 night at $xxx): $xx

    Meals: (free) fully covered with purchase of ticket

    Registration Fee: $ xxxx [check InboundCon.com for current price] Total: $ x,xxx

    Registration fees will go up, so I’d like to register ASAP.

    I’ll be sure to submit a post-conference report that will include an executive summary, major takeaways, tips and pictures from the conference.

    Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply.


    [your name here]