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InboundTO 18 Recap: Make Your Content Count

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    On July 24 2014, the 18th InboundTO event took places at the BNOTIONS headquarters in downtown Toronto. This month’s InboundTO played host to lively discussions and presentations on better business blogging and content marketing ROI.

    Joel Popoff (Marketing Director at Powered by Search) and I (Digital Marketing Specialist) opened the night with a lively presentation titled, “How to Not Suck at Blogging.” Following the talk, we took some questions and the attendees started to exchange tips, tricks, best practices, and general experiences. Check out the deck below (unfortunately the cat gifs don’t animate in this version):


    After a brief networking break, Hana Abaza (Director of Marketing at Uberflip) gave a fantastic talk called, “If It Don’t Make Dollars, It Don’t Make Sense.” The crowd loved it and were very by Hana’s dynamic approach to her talk. Don’t miss out on Hana’s deck below.


    Both presentations were designed to support their respective talks, we highly recommend checking out the resources which accompany them. Check out Uberflip’s Blogging in the Age of Modern Marketing ebook, and Powered by Search’s Writer’s Guide to Never Creating a Bad Blog Post. You can also catch a recording of the talks below.

    Join the Inbound Marketing Toronto Meetup group and be on the look out for our next event – it’ll take place in August. And don’t forget to come out for InboundCon, our massive September conference with speakers from huge brands like Shopify, Bing, Virgin Mobile, gShift, and HBC.