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    InboundTO 21 Recap: How to Create Amazing Landing Pages


    Last updated: November 24th, 2014

    On November 20 2014, the 21th InboundTO event took place at the BNOTIONS headquarters in downtown Toronto. This month’s InboundTO played host to lively discussions and presentations o “How to Create Amazing Landing Pages that Actually Convert.”

    What an awesome night of landing page fun. Firstly, a great big thank you to Tim Paige from LeadPages to join us (virtually) and teaching his landing page secrets. Secondly, another, if not just as big of a thank you to all that attended. It is extremely rewarding to see new faces, and the regulars, month in and month out, which is why we went out with a bang for our final 2014 InboundTO Meetup.

    Tim Paige | Lead Pages Conversion Educator

    Tim Paige (all round top bloke with a beard to match) was first up, and from the start he had us all captivated and excited. With some great actionable tips, he was highly focused on creating the greatest impact with the least amount of effort. These were to focus on the two key pages for lead generation: the resource page and thank you page.

    tim paige cro

    We have included his entire presentation here, so check out the entire video for his thought leadership and tips and tricks to get you greater conversions! Click here to download Tim’s deck.

    Joel Popoff & Goran Popavic |  The Ultimate Marketing Team at Powered by Search

    Joel and Goran continued the night with more actionable content, giving the 6 key elements of Successful Landing Page. Check out their slide deck here:

    Matthew Hunt | Digital Genius and COO of Powered by Search

    Our final presentation of the night was a more personal touch, giving our meetup audience the opportunity to have their landing pages audited by our COO Matthew Hunt. This actionable end of the evening gave everyone a real life experience of how to take their low converting landing pages and make them successful – while getting some quick hints on SEO and generating traffic.

    Concluding an amazing 2014 of InboundTO

    Our final InboundTO of the year couldn’t have been a better send off, especially with the amazing comments we received after the event.

    inboundto 21 comments

    With 21 meetups under our belt, and over 1000 members (and growing) we aim to make InboundTO bigger and better next year. We look forward to bringing you more value in the future, but if you require help with building up a perfect landing page, or any other digital marketing help, please contact us and get your free 25 minute marketing assessment.

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