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    InboundTO 23 Recap: Email Marketing Tips You Can’t Ignore

    Last updated: February 23rd, 2015

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    Last week, we hosted our 23rd monthly meet up called InboundTO and had a great time networking with Toronto’s top marketers! If you couldn’t make it out to our packed event (it was -30° after all), here’s the full recap.

    Making People Laugh for Fun & Profit

    Vidyard’s Community Marketing Manager Jon Spenceley gave this hilarious and informative talk that you can’t afford to miss. He details not only how to boost your email click through rates, but how to save on the most precious workplace resource- time!

    6 Steps to Email Success That Even a Child Could Follow

    In this talk, our very own COO Matthew Hunt shares his 6 essential steps for email marketing success. Whether you’re starting your first campaign or fine tuning an existing one, these 6 tips will steer you in the right direction.

    We’ll have a full video of last week’s meet up shortly, stay tuned to this page.

    Make sure you join us and over 1000 marketers for the upcoming InboundTO 24. The meet up will be on Social Media Marketing, and we’ll have more details soon.

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