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    InboundTO 34 Recap: Enterprise SEO Panel

    Last updated: May 3rd, 2023

    Our 34th InboundTO event was a blast! An excited audience filled our office with a palpable energy and engaged with a fantastic panel composed of SEO experts from Workopolis, Kobo, Expedia, Staples, and PbS. They didn’t hold back and shared actionable SEO advice that that you’d usually pay thousands of dollars for! Some of the highlights include:

    • The importance and priority of SEO implementations, and how they can affect your bottom line.
    • Learning which SEO tools make a great fit for your company.
    • The difference between SEO for small businesses and enterprises.

    If you couldn’t make it for this InboundTO, be sure to join our Meetup group and you’ll be the first to know when the next one is taking place. We also recorded all of InboundTO 34, be sure to check it out if you’re looking to improve your business with SEO. And of course, if you’re looking to grow your company and need help generating more leads and revenue, give us a call.

    What Attendees Had To Say

    The InboundTO 34 panel consisted of:

    Karen Chow
    1 Karen 4


    Digital Marketing & Search Specialist 



    Karen Chow is a digital marketer with extensive experience in all things search. She has helped brands (Enterprise & SMB) execute and grow their digital strategy in Toronto for the past 5 years.  She currently leads the digital search practice at Workopolis, Canada’s largest and most trafficked career site.  In her spare time she enjoys squatting heavy weights, singing along to the latest pop hits, and checking out all the hipster food joints in the city.

    Zain Husain
    Zain Husain


    Senior SEO Marketing Specialist

    Staples Canada

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    Zain Husain is the SEO program manager at Staples Canada and has proven results for SME to Fortune 500 companies. In his free time Zain contributes to the space science community by blogging about astronomy and attending CSA and NASA Social events.

    Tarandeep Singh
    Tarandeep Singh


    Senior Manager, Conversion and Performance

    Kobo Inc.


    Tarandeep Singh is a Senior Manager on the User Acquisition team at Rakuten Kobo. He leads international growth through SEO, ASO, Paid Search and Social channels. He has previously worked in marketing and technology for various Torstar businesses. Interests include analytics, #webperf and apps.

    Tony Tie
    Tony Tie


    Senior SEO



    Tony Tie is self-proclaimed “numbers-obsessed” digital marketer. He has worked on both the agency and client side of the marketing business with a wide range of market verticals under his belt. Some of his clients include Coca-Cola, MasterCard, Johnson & Johnson, Hyundai, Shoppers Drug Mart, Kobo and many more. Currently, Tony leads the SEO business for He is tasked with the challenge of continually growing the business with healthy margins.

    Troy Boileau
    Troy Boileau


    SEO & Web Marketing Consultant

    Fawkes Online Marketing


    Troy Boileau is a Digital Marketer specializing in Search Engine Optimization who has worked with clients from multinational corporations and Fortune 500 business to rapid growth startups. Troy is currently building a three month SEO course along with HackerYou.

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