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Three Google Updates, and How They Impact Your TV Ads and Foot Traffic

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    Google is now giving advertisers the ability to track their TV and Youtube campaigns with the same tool. They are also helping businesses close the loop between online ads and on-site sales.

    “Mobile phones have created new ways for consumers to engage with brands, often blurring the physical and digital worlds. People research products online and go into a store to buy,” said Google in their blog to announce these updates.

    “They see a brand on TV and then go online to learn more. Or they watch mobile videos on their commutes that inspire them to book a trip when they’re back home on their laptops.”

    Here’s a deeper look at Google’s latest updates.

    Tracking TV and Youtube Campaigns Simultaneously

    updated-tv-lift Google announced updates to their Brand Lift product to “show marketers how TV ads increase Google and YouTube searches for your brand compared to YouTube campaigns.”

    They added that Brand Lift is easy to set up, and can be done without submitting a media schedule. You simply need to run Brand Lift on both your TV campaign and your YouTube campaign.

    “We are excited to see the work Google is doing to better understand the impact of video” said Paige Parrent, Digital Media Manager, Volkswagen Marketing.

    “Brand Lift now presents us with a way to specifically, credibly, and scientifically compare the effectiveness of cross media campaigns. This is interesting to Volkswagen as we move closer to measuring TV and digital platforms (like YouTube) on even ground.”

    Guide a Customer’s Journey From Their Device into Your Store


    Google also announced location extensions and store visits measurement for the Google Display Network.

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    “As consumers browse their favorite websites or interact with their favorite apps, you can reach them with ads that show your business address, Google Maps directions and photos. It’s a high-impact, immediate way to increase foot traffic to your store.”

    They added they have already seen great results from The Home Depot using location extensions for display ads to drive people to local stores, and reported they’ve seen an “8 X in-store ROI” thus far.

    Track a Customer’s Movement From Device to Device


    Their third new update helps you reach and keep users who start the buying process (like their phone), but finish the journey and make the buy on another device (like their laptop).

    “Today, we’re introducing cross-device remarketing for Google Display Network and DoubleClick Bid Manager to help you reach the same user across devices, apps, and sites. You can now tell a single story to your audience and decide how frequently they see your ad across devices.”

    This will help build continuity in a would-be customer’s mind, and ensure you don’t see any dropped leads due to a confusing user experience.

    Put These Tools to Work

    As Google makes more tools available, you need to make sure you’re working with a firm that knows how to properly leverage them.

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