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What 17 Experts Are Saying About InboundCon 2014

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    17 Experts Talk InboundCon 2014

    InboundCon is closing in with just one more week until our world class marketing event starts! We are overflowing with anticipation for the expert panels, interactive training, workshops and the amazing networking opportunities that are available this year. It’s going to be one jam packed day featuring tons of experts in the digital marketing field!

    Speaking of the experts, we are sure they are pumped for InboundCon as well! We reached out to 17 of our speakers and asked them one important question:

    What part of the InboundCon experience are you most excited about?

    Tiffany da SilvaTiffany da Silva

    Shopify | @bellastone |

    I’m really excited to learn different optimization techniques especially in PPC. Always looking for new tests, approaches and tactics to try out.


    Dev BasuDev Basu

    Powered by Search | @devbasu |

    I’m excited about getting three unique points of view from in-house, agency, and platform (search engine) marketers and learning actionable strategies that I can apply shortly after Inboundcon.


    Hana AbazaHana Abaza

    Uberflip | @HanaAbaza |

    I’m most excited to hear the experiences and feedback from the various speakers at InboundCon. Inbound marketing has so many different aspects to it from content creation to lead generation to conversion rate optimization.

    It’s great to see so many different experts from various specialties focused on one end goal – helping people creating the best possible inbound marketing engine.


    Mark SullivanMark Sullivan

    CallRail | @mpsulli |

    We’re most excited about learning from the people and agencies we serve every day during the conference. We believe our company is developing cutting-edge tools for local businesses. InboundCon is the perfect event for us to showcase these tools and interact with the people who use them day in and day out.


    Andrew YangAndrew Yang

    Bing | @yang_ers |

    I am excited to be surrounded by the best marketers in the country and looking forward to learning lots to apply to my job.


    Shannon HunterShannon Hunter

    Virgin Mobile Canada | @Shananigans |

    My favourite part of any conference is networking with people who are as excited and passionate about the digital landscape and social media as I am.

    We’re at a thrilling time in digital media right now and I can’t wait to hear how other like-minded marketers feel the space will evolve over the next couple of years.


    Chris StolzChris Stolz

    HBC | @mr_optimize |

    I’m looking forward to the CRO panel. I love hearing the other panelists answers to the same questions and bouncing ideas back and forth!


    Matthew HuntMatthew Hunt

    Powered by Search | @smbusinesscoach |

    I am excited to have over 100 people all in one room that are passionate about digital marketing. I’m also excited for the panel discussions because that is usually when the best marketing hacks get dropped.


    Hamza KhanHamza Khan

    Splash Effect | @hamzak |

    To answer your question, “What part of the InboundCon experience are you most excited about?” – I’m most excited about learning from the carefully handpicked panelists/speakers about how they’re solving real-world problems. I remember walking away from last year’s InboundCon feeling blissfully unstuck from a lot of the challenges I was facing.


    Karrin HuynhKarrin Huynh

    Powered by Search | @KarrinHuynh |

    I’m excited to hear what the social media experts have to say about building communities, generating leads and producing engaging content.


    Matthew StradiottoMatthew Stradiotto

    Matchstick | @mstradiotto |

    I’m looking forward to some new perspectives and meeting the great digital minds attending!


    Troy BoileauTroy Boileau

    Powered by Search | @TroyFawkes |

    I’m most excited about taking some time to relax in the middle of the week and hang out with some of the leaders of the digital marketing industry in Toronto.

    I think the conversion rate optimization panel will be fun too since I don’t get a lot of opportunities to speak with people about that specific aspect of my job. There’s always more to learn and these folks are the right people to learn from!


    Ryan BurgioRyan Burgio

    Stryve Group | @Ryan_Burgio |

    Connecting with like-minded individuals who get as geeked out as I do about inbound marketing.


    Michelle CorsanoMichelle Corsano

    Burst Technology Marketing | @mcorsano |

    Interacting with and learning from others in this fascinating and burgeoning field.


    Dat ToDat To

    Powered by Search

    How amazing it’ll be to get a different perspective that will improve our overall work.

    InboundCon will be a fresh & fun environment to be around other professionals in the industry. It’s going to energizing as we will all instantly connect with shared common experiences of joy & pain.

    Nothing can replace hours in front of computers, email, software and spreadsheets as human interaction. Looking forward to the Q&A sessions and impromptu chats with other online marketing experts.


    Khalid MokhtarzadaKhalid

    Pixel Dreams | @_khalidm |

    I’m really looking forward to connecting with bright passionate entrepreneurial people. InboundCon has always been a great place for great minds to meet.


    Baltej GillBaltej GIll

    M3 Social Mindz | @BaltejGill |

    I would have to say the biggest thing I am excited about attending InboundCon, well, is really the fact that you are going to get some of the best and world leading digital marketers together in one room. Regardless if you are coming as an attendee, guest speaker, panellist, or even a keynote (and I’ve been all 4) – you always walk away learning so much from these things. The world of Digital Marketing is such a fast pace market and to keep up with the latest trends, algorithms, best practices etc. can be difficult. Luckily, a lot of this learning will get streamlined at InboundCon and there is nothing more exciting than that. Looking forward to the event! Woohoo!

    Now we pass the question to you!

    We have heard from 17 of InboundCon’s featured speakers (if you want to learn more about them, check out their bios!)

    Now we want to hear from you! What part of the InboundCon experience are YOU most excited about? Leave a comment and let us know.

    And if you aren’t attending, why not! It’s going to be an amazing one day inbound experience. So what are you waiting for? Grab some tickets while you still can!