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    Powered by Search Joins Forces with Wunderkind & Growth Gorilla to Create B2B SaaS Marketing Powerhouse


    Last updated: January 11th, 2024

    We’re excited to officially announce two new partnerships to bolster Powered by Search as a B2B SaaS marketing powerhouse.

    Last year, we quietly joined forces with Wunderkind, a B2B SaaS marketing operations and demand generation agency.

    We brought on its founder, Andrew Allsop to lead and grow Powered by Search’s demand generation services.

    Reflecting on the experience so far, Andrew shared:

    “Having known and worked with Dev and the Powered by Search team for years before joining, it felt like a natural choice.

    We both share the same goals and values, and can deliver better quality work as a team. The last 18 months have completely validated that.”

    After completing a successful integration, we’re now teaming up with another leader in the B2B SaaS marketing & content promotion space.

    We’re welcoming Alan Silvestri and his team at Growth Gorilla – one of the first link building and Digital PR agencies to focus 100% on B2B SaaS back in 2018.

    By joining forces with Alan and his team, we’re accelerating our shared vision toward content-driven Digital PR.

    Here’s what Alan had to say on his excitement about the opportunity:

    “Teaming up with Powered by Search is like hitting the jackpot.

    At Growth Gorilla, we’ve always been all about making real, meaningful impacts for our B2B SaaS clients through digital PR and content promotion, and now we get to do that with some of the sharpest minds in the industry.

    It’s been years in the making, and a perfect match. Can’t wait to see the amazing things we’ll achieve together.”

    Our commitment to delivering Predictable Growth for our current and future B2B SaaS clients is stronger than ever. We’re proudly enhancing our strategic data-driven approach to Digital PR, and our holistic approach to marketing’s role in business growth.

    We’re continuing to build a thriving ecosystem for founders and operators of like-minded B2B SaaS marketing agencies and consultancies.

    In these partnerships, we aim to maintain flexibility & independence for leaders to practice their craft, without them having to face the challenges that come with running a business alone.

    Do you, or someone you know want to work with us to help make B2B SaaS teams unstoppable? Send me an email at or connect on LinkedIn.

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