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    Top B2B SaaS Influencers to Follow in 2024

    Last updated: April 1st, 2024

    Learning from those with a proven track record of success in the SaaS world can inspire you to refine your marketing tactics and help you keep up with the industry trends. To follow the best of the best, we’ve curated a list of the top B2B SaaS influencers of today.

    Many of these influential SaaS experts have founded what are now considered to be major software solutions, some of which you’re probably familiar with. In most cases, their road to success has been an interesting one but they’ve persevered and come out the other end with a lot of wisdom to share.

    Let’s find out who’s who in the world of B2B SaaS.

    Jason Lemkin

    saas influencer jason lemkin

    Key achievements: The founder and brainchild of the SaaStr community.

    Jason Lemkin is the name behind SaaStr, the renowned SaaS community and networking event. In 2005, he founded the e-signature platform EchoSign, which was subsequently acquired by Adobe. Along with SaaStr, he’s now the managing director at Storm Ventures, a venture capital firm aimed squarely at B2B start-ups.

    He’s passionate about all things startups and new technology, having side-stepped into the world of biomedical technology with the design of implantable nanobatteries. Jason constantly promotes ethical leadership and management practices that build customer trust. You can read some of his pearls of wisdom on his Medium and SaaStr blogs.

    Follow Jason on LinkedIn, X, and Instagram.

    Noah Kagan

    saas influencer noah kagan

    Key achievements: Rebounded from failure to become the founder of a multi-million dollar SaaS business.

    Noah Kagan is the quirky tech and marketing genius behind AppSumo, a platform where entrepreneurs and startups can get cut-price software to get their businesses rolling fast. He’s also just as well known as the brains behind Facebook Ads.

    However, his career wasn’t always the beacon of hope, as he was rejected by Google twice, eventually fired by Facebook, and has been unsuccessful with over 10 startup ideas. He now boasts $80 million a year in revenue, has recently published a book on how to start a business, and maintains an active blog about everything marketing-related.

    You can follow him on various social platforms like X, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

    Nathan Latka

    saas influencer nathan latka

    Key achievements: Founded a SaaS product that hit $1 million in revenue in its first year, all from his college dorm room.

    Nathan Latka’s journey in the SaaS industry began during his college years when he founded a pioneering product designed to help SaaS companies capture email leads. He didn’t stop there, as he went on to establish Founderpath, a simple tool that helps SaaS startups acquire funding to get off the ground. This entrepreneurial spirit is what built his reputation on the SaaS scene.

    Founderpath has since acquired SaaSOpen, another popular SaaS community for networking and connecting founders. In addition, he’s a published author of “How to Be a Capitalist Without Any Capital”, has an active YouTube channel where he interviews other SaaS founders, and hosts The Top Entrepreneurs podcast. Because of his passion for helping others find their way to success, he’s very active online.

    You can follow Nathan on LinkedIn, Instagram, X, and Facebook.

    Rand Fishkin

    saas influencer rand fishkin

    Key achievements: Building Moz revenues from $800k to $29.3m.


    Rand Fishkin is most well-known as the co-founder of Moz, the marketing software you probably already know. After 7 years as CEO of Moz, where he grew the company exponentially, he took a step back in 2014 but remains chairman of Moz’s board. He has since cofounded several other successful software companies, like SparkToro and Snackbar Studio.

    In addition to his many business ventures, Rand has co-authored several books on marketing and SEO, like “Lost and Founder”, his guide to the world of startups. A fun fact is that to book him for speaking events, you must first donate to GiveDirectly, a charity that helps impoverished people worldwide.

    You can follow Rand on X, LinkedIn, Threads, Instagram, and Facebook.

    Dharmesh Shah

    saas influencer dharmesh shah

    Key achievements: Co-founder of HubSpot.

    Dharmesh Shah is the co-founder and CTO of HubSpot, an undeniable giant in the world of digital marketing, having made $590 million in revenue last year. HubSpot is actually Dharmesh’s third company; Pyramid Digital Systems was his first startup, which he kicked off for just $10,000 and ended up selling for millions.

    Dharmesh’s other great idea was OnStartups, a blog where he shares advice and insights for other entrepreneurs. He has since promised his wife not to start another company and now acts as an angel investor for other startups.

    You can follow Dharmesh on LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and YouTube.

    Dan Martell

    saas influencer dan martell

    Key achievements: Has an eye for spotting high-potential SaaS investments; he has founded 5 successful SaaS businesses.

    Dan Martell is a serial entrepreneur and founder, having started several SaaS companies, including and Spheric. He’s now turned his sights on investing in and coaching other startup founders.

    He started SaaS Academy, which offers courses marketed directly at B2B SaaS founders eager to scale their businesses fast, and established High Speed Ventures, a SaaS acquisition company that purchases and scales high-potential businesses.

    If that wasn’t impressive enough, Dan is also a triathlete and book author. You can get tidbits of free advice and inspiration by following him online.

    The best platforms to follow Dan are X, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

    April Dunford

    saas influencer april dunford

    Key achievements: World-leading SaaS product positioning expert.

    April Dunford is the foremost product positioning expert for SaaS companies. She’s also an entrepreneur, investor, consultant, author, and keynote speaker. April has built her career with startups and has a deep understanding of what makes a winning product.

    She has published two books: “Obviously Awesome”, which covers her tried and tested positioning methodology, and “Sales Pitch”, where you’ll learn how to craft a killer sales pitch for any product. You can also listen to her podcast to learn more about her strategies and the processes she uses in the competitive landscape of B2B SaaS.

    Follow April on LinkedIn, X, and Instagram.

    Aaron Levie

    saas influencer aaron levie

    Key achievements: Started Box as a college sophomore that now brings in over $260 million a quarter.

    Aaron Levie is the CEO and founder of the enterprise cloud storage solution Box. Aaron was a sophomore at college when the bright idea for Box popped up. He ended up dropping out to pursue it further, and the rest is history.

    He managed to guide the company through its early years as well as the 2008 recession. He’s remained loyal to Box for 18 years and has come out the other end with a lot of wisdom to share.

    For more of Aaron Levie’s insights into SaaS and startups, you can follow him on X, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

    Natasha Vernier

    saas influencer natasha vernier

    Key achievements: Co-founder and CEO of Cable, a female-led financial compliance platform.

    Natasha Vernier is the CEO and co-founder of Cable, a fintech platform that helps companies comply with financial crime requirements. Prior to starting Cable, she was one of the earliest employees at Monzo and ended her time there as Head of Financial Crime. It was while working at Monzo that she was blown away by the extent of financial crime globally and sought to find a better solution.

    Cable is still new and growing, but Natasha’s passion for their goals has drawn attention and plenty of funding. On the same note, her down-to-earth approach to business and leadership has highlighted her as a leader to watch.

    She posts occasionally on Medium, but you can also follow her on LinkedIn and X.

    Asia Orangio

    saas influencer asia orangio

    Key achievements: Guides early-stage startups to growth and success.

    Asia Orangio is a stellar SaaS marketing consultant who has advised both big and small SaaS companies all over the world. She founded DemandMaven in 2018, a proudly woman-owned and led growth consultancy.

    She is also one of our recommended marketing agency consultants because of her consistent track record of success, which is a result of her thorough and well-planned approach to strategy development.

    Asia has sat on the board of Moz and held several high-profile roles like head of marketing and demand generation manager at two high-growth startups. Like many others who’ve taken the plunge to go solo and start their own venture, Asia had to ignore pessimistic feedback and run with it.

    You can read more about Asia Orangio on her blog, listen to her podcast “In Demand”, or follow her on YouTube, LinkedIn, X, Instagram, and Facebook.

    Dev Basu

    saas influencer dev basu

    Key achievements: Taking a startup agency to $1 million in sales in its second year.

    Finally, here’s our very own, Dev Basu. Dev is the founder and CEO of Powered by Search, a marketing agency that specializes in B2B SaaS companies that aren’t growing fast enough. He’s worked with clients like Basecamp, ClickFunnels, Loopio, and VMware.

    Dev secured a valuable placement with Microsoft’s marketing team in the early 2000s, which highlighted a gap in internet search potential for businesses. This is when he started down the SEO path. Dev shares a profile similar to the other founders and influencers recommended in this article – driven, hard-working, and high-achieving. He’s gathered a wealth of knowledge and happily shares this wisdom with others.

    You can follow Dev on LinkedIn and X, or check out his blog.

    Wrapping Up

    A consistent theme among many of these leaders in their field is that they started with a fresh idea and ran with it despite setbacks or criticism. They are witty and knowledgeable, display exemplary leadership skills, and in many ways are breaking the mould for modern SaaS businesses.

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