SaaS Marketing Bites

Why we optimize lead quality before focusing on volume and cost


Most people think about scaling volume of leads as a priority. But that’s the wrong way to drive business. Instead focus on quality then volume then cost.

Show Notes

When B2B SaaS companies take investment – particularly VC – it’s hard for them to resist spending incremental amounts on PPC without a thought to the quality of the leads that they’re winning.

In fact, most B2B SaaS companies focus scaling paid media completely backwards and the result is bad leads, high spend and almost nothing to show for it.

The approach that we take with our client’s paid media is to focus on scaling quality before scaling volume and then optimizing the cost.

In this article, we look at:
  • Common mistakes companies make when scaling campaigns
  • Why lead quality is more important than quantity
  • Our process for optimizing your campaigns

By the end, you’ll know how to create a simple, effective plan for optimizing your leads and getting the best results from your PPC campaigns.


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