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Bigger revenue targets in Q3? Let's make it happen.

Get the pipeline growth you deserve with holistic demand generation trusted by 100+ B2B tech companies.

  • Attract: Hit your trial and demo targets with predictable growth
  • Engage: Turn marketing-qualified leads into opportunities
  • Convert: Win high LTV customers who stick around longer
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    $11.1M in SEO Pipeline for Data Privacy SaaS
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    135% of Paid Ads Pipeline Target Delivered for CyberSec SaaS
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    2X Higher MQL:SQL Conversion with ABM Targeting Named Accounts

Your marketing is in good hands with our team who works on brands like

  • Elastic
  • Fortra
  • Basecamp
  • VMWare
  • Varonis

The Best in Class in B2B SaaS Choose to Work with Us

Client Acquired Funding/IPO Key Investor Outcome
VMWare IPO Broadcom $61B Deal
Varonis IPO Public $3B Market Cap
Fortra Acquired Funding HGGC Undisclosed
Collibra Acquired Funding Sequoia $250M Raised
Client Acquired Funding/IPO Key Investor Outcome
Pyramid Acquired Funding HIG Growth Partners $120M Raised
Reltio Acquired Funding Brighton Park Capital $120M Raised
iWave Acquired Incline Equity Partners Undisclosed
Certified Tracking Solutions Acquired GPS Insight Undisclosed
MyCase Acquired Affinipay / TA Associates Undisclosed

Here's how we can help you start Q2 strong and win in 2024

Get in front of the right buyers

We’ll focus on driving only right-fit buyers from SEO, PPC, and Paid Social Media marketing campaigns. We build full-funnel strategies in Google Ads, Meta, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. When right-fit buyers see your company, you’ll pay less for them and get more value from them.

Make them an irresistible offer

We’ll dial in your content marketing and landing pages to engage prospects, hold their hand through the buyer awareness journey, and turn them into locked-in demos and trials that lead to long-lasting revenue for your SaaS company.

Get a sustainable acquisition model – even with smaller budgets

We’ll find wasted spend across your entire marketing spend and reassign it to campaigns that bring in higher LTV SaaS customers at a sustainable customer acquisition cost.

The SaaS Marketing Agency that builds reliable demand generation systems

By focusing on revenue and pipeline metrics above all else, we’re able to drive predictable growth for B2B SaaS companies. Find out more about our methodology.

“If you are trying to select an agency, you’ll find that as a marketer […] one of the things that can help you is an established framework like Powered by Search has, which is all about B2B SaaS buyers and what are the things that they prioritize and when do they prioritize them. Everyone internally talks about mapping content to the buyer stages, but few people, few agencies can really execute on the actual content that will actually drive next step demo requests in a way that Powered by Search can.”

– Neil DuPaul, Senior Director Demand Gen, ThreatX

"Few agencies execute like Powered by Search can"

ThreatX: "Few agencies execute like Powered by Search can"

“You guys are a no-brainer. we give you a dollar, you make us three. you guys just make it happen.”


Stephan Foos

Chief Product Officer, Projul


leads for enterprise client


qualified trials through Google Ads


MRR for mid market client

Uncover the hidden SaaS revenue opportunities you're already paying for but not seeing

Hit your trial and demo pipeline targets with certainty and predictability

Turn more marketing-qualified leads into hand-raising demos and trials

Win high LTV customers who stick around longer and love your SaaS more.

What if you could still hit your pipeline targets
even with a lighter budget and a leaner team?

Our Predictable Growth Model drives millions of dollars of SaaS revenue for our clients every single month. Imagine what your life would be like if you could deliver and hit revenue focused results to your boss every quarter this year. You’d be employee #1. Here’s how we’ll make it happen:

Get in front of your ICP every time

Attract only the best fit buyers. Maintain pipeline contribution, improve LTV.

Demand is drying up in many market segments as buyers think about pulling back investment. So the question is: when the people who are in market think of your category, is yours the product they think about?

More than ever it’s important to drive quality pipeline contribution (QPC) and increase the customer lifetime value (LTV). We’ll build you a marketing system that:

  • Creates demand – be confident that you’re intentionally attracting only qualified, right-fit traffic
  • Builds authority – align your team on the transformational promise you make to your customers
  • Fills funnel – build a robust system for turning visitors to your website, into prospects, that give you permission to go to a deeper level conversation with them

See how we get permission from great-fit prospects to go deeper with our clients

Engage your ICP

Make your buyer an offer so irresistible they can't turn it down

The fastest growing SaaS companies know that the biggest friction point in generating sign ups is in the buyer’s mind. That’s more important than ever in the next 12 months when buyers needs are changing significantly.

Companies who eliminate friction generate better quality pipeline at a reduced customer acquisition cost (CAC).

That’s why we focus on building content that supports the whole user journey from pre-click to revenue:

  • Pinpoints Pain – Get well-engineered content that causes the prospect to know that you truly “get them” better than anyone else they’re paying
  • Educates and motivates prospects – Stop talking only about your solution and build content about mistakes your prospects are making in their industry
  • Calibrates call-to-actions – Create content marketing that consistently, effectively, and successfully contributes to your demo and trial pipeline targets

See how we develop content that supports the whole buyer journey

Long life customer acquisition

Multiply ROI by locking in customer revenue for much longer

The best customers are the ones that stay for a long period of time. Companies with low CAC and high LTV can hit pipeline targets with less investment. We’ll help you build a system that:

  • Stacks strategies – Get a robust system for connecting demand generation strategies that work together (earned, owned, and paid) to exponentially increase your deal flow
  • Drives dealflow​ – Predictably convert marketing qualified leads into sales-ready qualified leads, demos, and trials
  • Compresses time​ – Use the same marketing channels that you used to acquire the right fit leads to continue marketing to them once you have them as a trial user or SQL in your pipeline

See how we think about building demand gen flywheels for clients

How our B2B SaaS clients are adding millions in pipeline revenue every quarter

Here’s the brutal truth about most B2B SaaS businesses right now:

Everyone is concerned about the economy. Demand is shaky. Buyers are cautious. Almost every marketing leader is being asked to re-evaluate their marketing spend to see what they can do to grow by the same amount but with fewer resources.

It’s rough out there. But there’s no need to panic.

Our clients have great SaaS products, with low churn rates, and sticky retention, and they’re growing reliably even in the current economy.

So if you are worried about how to hit your company’s growth goals next year despite having a leaner team and less to spend, keep reading.

What does it take to continue to grow during an economic downturn? It’s not easy.

Your SaaS marketing efforts must build authority in your marketplace, create content that educates and motivates prospects, and promote it in the right place (organic and paid marketing channels) at the right time, with the right offer.

Having an offer to book a demo or start a trial as a one-size-fits-all strategy on your home page won’t cut it, and neither will the latest growth hack that is abused ad infinitum.

Or, instead of tactics that only work some of the time, you can invest in getting some Predictable Growth by working with our SaaS marketing agency.

The best part? it’s a simple 3-step framework.

It’s not easy, but it is straightforward.

In over 10 years of working with B2B SaaS companies, this is the fastest way we’ve found to quickly grow your demos and trials using organic and paid traffic.

If you want access to our strategy, including a real-life example of the Predictable Growth methodology in action, enter your email below, and we’ll send you a copy of the case study.

See how we helped Touchbistro increase their demos by 324% in only 6 months

Free playbooks

Find out exactly how we think before you hire us

We know that hiring an agency can feel like a crapshoot. Everyone’s great at selling themselves. How do you know it’s going to work out? That’s one of the main reasons we publish our playbooks openly: so you get to know how we think about driving ROI for your company. Here are a few fan favorites to whet your appetite.