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Author: Marc Thomas

SaaS Research: ‘Talk to customers’ is good advice but it’s not enough

SaaS research is one of the most neglected opportunities for marketers. Most SaaS companies can appreciate that understanding their customers helps them provide a better product and service. But actually doing the work to understand customers can often be challenging for SaaS marketers which leads to marketing output that lacks the punch that using customer

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How we run PPC for developer focused SaaS products

Marketing to the developer community is a notoriously difficult task for B2B SaaS companies. Some of the biggest challenges include choosing the right channels to reach them, since they aren’t as active in common social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn (opting to spend more of their time on platforms such as StackOverflow and Reddit).

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Marketing in a recession: How to make marketing investments when the economy is rough

Winter is coming. The economy is, sooner or later, going to go into recession. This will be rough for SaaS companies. Over the past few years valuations have been rising, investment rounds have been raised hastily and B2B SaaS companies have mostly been in hypergrowth mode. Many companies have already started making significant lay-offs and,

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How enterprise SaaS can pivot from a sales-led go-to-market to product-led GTM

Enterprise level SaaS companies with sales-led go-to-market functions sometimes ask us how they can change their go-to-market strategy to be product-led. They’ve heard of enterprise businesses like Adobe and Heroku who moved from sales-led to product-led and are convinced that if they could only make that happen, they too would experience huge revenue growth and

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How to position a SaaS when there are multiple customer profiles (Plus: template for choosing the right market)

It’s extremely difficult to speak to everyone at once — but that’s what a lot of B2B SaaS companies try to do when they have multiple customer profiles. As a result, they create one-size-fits-all marketing that doesn’t speak to anyone.   Many companies have products with good traction that serve a well-defined industry and work

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