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The 16 Inbound Marketers You Shouldn’t Miss at InboundCon

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    Is your company’s website failing to generate the traffic, leads, and revenues your want? 

    Join us for InboundCon, Canada’s first  inbound marketing conference.

    4 reasons to get your InboundCon ticket now:

    1. Find solutions for your specific business and marketing circumstances. 

    If your branding, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, and user experience design efforts are not meeting your business goals, we’ve got solutions and resources to point you to. No sales pitches, just helpful sharing of best practices and resources that we use ourselves.

    2. Connect with some of Canada’s leading inbound marketers.

    We have speakers from Microsoft, Scotiabank, Expedia, TAXI, and many other reputable companies. Read on for more details on this.

    3. Support Canadian social innovators.

    100% of the event’s proceeds will be donated to the Centre for Social Innovation, a non-profit organization with a mission to catalyze social innovation in Canada.

    4. It’s a $60 discount off the regular price of $95 per ticket!

    The limited time offer will expire when the tickets sell out or by Thursday, August 29, whichever will come first.

    InboundCon, inbound marketing conference

    Our cream-of-the-crop 16 inbound marketing speakers list includes:


    Dev Basu, CEO of inbound marketing agency Powered by Search will kick off the conference with his Transforming Marketing with Inbound keynote presentation.

    Khalid Mokhtarzada, CEO of brand experience agency Pixel Dreams, will follow with his Brand to Lead with Inbound Marketing keynote presentation.

    Vlad Rascanu, Senior SEO Specialist for travel deals site Expedia.caKen Fobert, Inbound Marketing Consultant at inbound marketing agency Powered by Search, and Rick Jessup, Director of Digital Strategy at markting communications agency Capital C, will take part in the Enterprise SEO: All the Big Business Tricks You Can Use Too panel discussion.

    Akshaya Nandakumar, Digital Marketing Manager at travel booking site TravelocityBrendan Soucie, Search Marketing Manager at eCommerce solutions agency Demac Media, and Andrew Yang, Search Evangelist, part of Microsoft’s Bing Ads team, will take part in the Enterprise PPC: Challenges and Solutions panel discussion.

    Yasmine Rafat, Digital Marketing Manager – International Banking at ScotiabankAmy Mamtura, UX Consultant at Levitat3 and former UX Architect at Publicis Modem, and Ghazaleh Etezal, Information Architect at eReading service provider Kobo, will take part in the Skipping the Boring Bits: UX that Makes You Money panel discussion.

    Hamza Khan, Founder of Splash Effects and Digital Community Facilitator at Ryerson UniversityPaul Crowe, Partner & Strategy Lead at innovation company BNOTIONSYousuf Afridi, Account Manager at brand communications agency TAXI 2, and Nathan Roth, Digital & Social Senior Manager at Koodo Mobile, will take part in the Generate and Nurture Customers with Social Media Marketing panel discussion.

    Fab Dolan, Product Marketing Manager at Google, will deliver the closing keynote presentation titled The Future of Inbound Marketing.


    Which speaker(s) are you most interested in hearing and connecting with? 

    Get your InboundCon $60 off ticket by the extended deadline of Thursday, August 29 or let me know if you’ll have any questions at @alexrascanu.