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Webinar – 4 AdWords Experts Discuss Their Best Strategies

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    Are you looking for the latest tips and secrets to boost your AdWords campaigns? Look no further, this exclusive AdWords campaign will teach you everything you need to know. Four paid search experts from around the world have been brought together to provide you with their tips and secrets you won’t find anywhere else.

    What You’ll Learn

    ✓ The most important AdWords metrics to focus on.
    ✓ Proven tips for writing click worth ad copy.
    ✓ When you should call a campaign a success of failure.
    ✓ How to prevent overspending in AdWords.
    ✓ How to maintain a high quality score.

    ✓ Hacks to consistently stay ahead of your competitors in Google AdWords.

    Bonus: If you missed last month’s Multi Location SEO webinar with Bryan Eisenberg, Eric Enge, and George Freitag, you can catch up with our on demand archived version of it.

    Guest Speakers


    Brad GeddesBrad Geddes


    Brad Geddes is the founder of Certified Knowledge, an online paid search training and toolset provider. Brad is also a co-founder of AdAlysis, an automatic ad testing platform. He is the author of Advanced Google AdWords, the most advanced book ever written about Google’s advertising program.

    Mike RhodesMike Rhodes


    Mike is the Australian AdWords guy! His agency WebSavvy is the largest independent AdWords specialist agency in Australia. He’s been managing accounts for over ten years & has a stable of fantastic clients across the globe.

    He is the co-author with Perry Marshall of The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords. Has been hired by Google to help train other Australian agencies & was invited by Google to consult on ways to improve their advertising platform.

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    John RamptonJohn Rampton


    Best known as an Entrepreneur and Connector, John was recently named #3 on Top 50 Online Influencers in the World by Entrepreneur Magazine as well as a blogging expert by Forbes. Awarded Top 10 Most Influential PPC Experts in the World for the past 3 years. He currently advises several companies in the bay area.

    Terry WhalenTerry Whalen


    Terry founded Sum Digital in 2005 in San Francisco. Throughout his marketing career, Terry has managed search & other online marketing channels that have generated millions of dollars in revenue for his clients. Prior to founding Sum Digital, Terry marketed GoToMyPC software via PPC and other online marketing channels, helping to generate tens of millions in revenue and leading to a $225 million acquisition of GoToMyPC by Citrix Systems in 2003.

    Make sure to check out our blog if you’d like to brush up on your PPC before the webinar. See you on the 26th!